Friday, June 22, 2012

some memories, some reflections

Although I made a comment in the last post about updating on my 19th birthday with a lecture about what I learned in the past year (I do love lecturing, don't I?), I have found myself with nothing to say (this is rather a new, strange thing). So instead, I've decided to share a few gems from the family archives. I just finished reading The Scrapbook of Frankie Pratt (a birthday gift from my mother) and thought to share some photos of summer festivities from years past. I included captions from photos which featured them, but I've found that my past relatives were very bad with marking things, and if they did bother, their scribbles are illegible.

Some relatives or neighbours down the block from where I grew up.
"Musky Lake. July 1922."

My parents' cat Cinder.
Completely unknown & left up to interpretation.
My parents, accompanied by my aunt, on their wedding. September 1980.

My aunt and father camping in the mid sixties.
My father on another family camping trip with his pup Pepper. Note the Buddy Holly glasses.
Unknown couple in love on a haystack.
My grandfather Ray, accompanied by my mother, proudly pictured with his new grill.
My grandfather Raymond, the Star Chef wearing his Hot Dog Diggity apron.
"Taken while on a jubilee Oct 1 -1912, Slim Knopp, J. Brill"

Unknown and slightly mysterious postcard with impossible to read handwriting all over.


Rachel Sullivan said...

It's so neat to see the clothes our parents' generations wore!

COPPER GARDEN // UK Fashion + Beauty Blog said...

I LOVE looking at old photographs, I always find that relatives say 'you look so much like your auntie when she was younger' looking at her now I don't see it, but young pictures I do so much!

The clothing and hairstyles of the past always make me smile, because we bring them back time after time. x

Jamie Rose said...

Oh man I love this post! Thanks for sharing all these cool old pictures. I always love looking at people's old family photos.

Chris Fox said...

I feel like photos like this aren't actually supposed to exist - they're just supposed to be figments of all our childhoods, or something. :P

daria said...

these are amazing. I love them.

Burn That Dress said...

I just love love love looking at old photographs, such gems! Thanks for sharing.