Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I would consider myself a very political person. I would also consider myself a fashion-minded person. So what's better than when you can mix together your favourite presidential candidate and a stylish new t-shirt? Well, I certainly can't think of anything. Except maybe apple pie, because that's how All-American I am.
I was absolutely giddy with excitment when I recieved this shirt in the mail. I've been closely following politics since the 2008 election. It was that fall that I was in a social sciences class for which our homework was largely to follow the campaign trails of all the candidates. I found the presidential debates to be strangely exciting and was always keen to lead discussion during class. Of course, this faltered slightly the day I said, "I didn't really understand the article because I had no idea who Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac are..." I recovered after the entire class erupted in continuous laughter for about 20 minutes and I'd consider myself all the wiser from the experience.
Either way, no matter which candidate you support for a better America (or whatever country you live in) it's important to have an educated opinion and know what's going on. Okay, time to get off my soap box.
I've been having Tuesdays & Thursdays off of work latealy, which is lovely because it gives me free time during the work week to be outside and run around town, knocking over liquor stores or whatever it is that catches my fancy. My father had work off yesterday so I coerced him into taking photos for me. He adores the Obamas (and, coincidentally, me), so he jumped at the chance.
I'd categorise this outfit under the genre of All-American-alternative-feminist-teenage-blogger in summer. I am wearing my absolute favourite shoes here. They are falling to pieces, just like Patsy Cline, and I fear they are going to be thrown in the trash some day while I'm at work. I found them on sale for $6 at Famous Footwear three years ago and I still wear them to this day (duh). I think Rocket Dog have quit making women's size 5, which is a pity because these seem like pretty quality shoes and I'll probably wear them until the soles fall off. And then my soul will fall off. (That's some shoe humour for you.)
I'm in a strangely great mood today because the future is looking bright (thanks Mr. President!) and I have summer-y plans coming up. Also, because I have the cutest dog in the world...
And also because....

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carrie jade said...

if i was a u.s. citizen, i'd totally vote for obama. the outfit is super cute and casual.

and your dog is the cutest! i have this new thing for pugs and want one so bad (but only in theory, because i don't think i'd be as enthusiastic about walking it in the wintertime as i would now).

Bad Taste Toast said...

Cute look, you rock your Obama shirt! :)
I find politics a bit complicated but still I try to stay up-to-date with whats going on in Germany and in the world (and with political philosophy for university haha).
It's good to see people at our age having an own opinion about politics as many others seem to be not interested enough these days.
I'm not really informed about US politics in detail, but I think Obama is definitely one of the best choices the US have ever made.

Oh and I want to steal Moses, he's sooo adorable aaawwww :D

Meli said...

I try to follow politics too, and also consider myself to be fairly informed, but there's just soooo much to know. The learning never stops... I'm an Obama supporter too!

Bianca said...

you are soo like americana i love this! Did you see some of Obama's fashion for a change stuff?