Sunday, June 17, 2012

hippie dippie

Now that summer has prevailed, I find myself only wanting to wear shorts and t-shirts and nothing else. But alas, I have moral issues with wearing shorts to church (especially shorts that are, let's admit it, as short as the ones I wear). I slipped this dress on since I hadn't worn it recently and it seemed church appropriate, even with the pot-smoking-patchouli-smelling-sitar-strumming-hippie vibes. To be fair, I picked it up at an annual church sale. Once a year, missionaries come back to sell products from the countries which they're missionaries in as a means of raising money and spreading knowledge of global issues. This "dress" is actually a kurta from Afghanistan and was hand-sewn by widows and children seeking to gain self-sufficiency.
My main inspiration this summer has been 90s grunge and '60s patterns, prints, and silhouettes. This flowy hippie-dippie number isn't quite gelling with these sources of inspiration. I'll have my personal style mojo back soon enough!
I only have two photos for you today. Being Father's Day & all, I thought it would be nice to have some father-daughter bonding in the form of blog photo taking. I tossed my camera to my father and let him have a go. As a result, these are the only 2 photos that came out among the 30+ which he snapped. Happy Father's Day, everyone! Stay cool and rock those side ponies (yupp, I'm still reppin' this).


Sarah Dee said...

This is so cute! I love the 60s hippie look :)


Bad Taste Toast said...

Cool, I love when there is a story behind a piece of clothing! I think this traditional Afghanistan frock looks lovely as a hippie dress, especially with the belt and golden shoes! Great mix of late 60s and 20s to me somehow :)

Anonymous said...

love this look! that color and the gold look fantastic on you!

carrie jade said...

i love this! so beautiful paired with those shoes.