Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I risked suffering heat stroke in order to bring you this post today, so I sure as heck hope everyone appreciates it. I think that "death by blogging" would be the most tragic thing to be written in my obituary so I'm glad the 93°F heatwave didn't knock me out. (Mind you, I'm pure Minnesotan and anything past about 80°F is killer. I can take -15°F any day though. Try me. I dare you.)
I bought this dress online from Fancy Treehouse because she was having a sale and I'm a sucker for the fantasy print and anything in sundress form...because sundresses are perfect for layering and are cooler than you and I put together.
I've been a bit more explorative with my style lately. I have a theory that it's because I'm single and feeling a bit more free and willing to be crazy. I'm an independent woman, so why not dress however I feel? Who am I trying to please? (Except the whole blogosphere, but if you don't like what I wear then get the fuck out.) I've been feeling inspired by fellow bloggers like Aileen of the little android and Madeline of jean greige because they wear what they want and explore different corners of fashion while still keeping it personal.
It also helps that I just recently re-watched "My So-Called Life" and that I adore every bit & piece of fashion in that series. The '90s grunge trend is taking over my wardrobe and this sundress has recently been enlisted to fight for the cause.
As you can see, I am so much cooler now that I'm independent and exploring my wardobe more. So much more, in fact, that I am now too cool to even look at the camera.
Just kidding. I looked. This lace shirt is my one piece from American Apparel. I bought it with a gift card, figuring that I might as well buy something other than a neon t-shirt and a sweatband. It adds a bit of class to my wardrobe, a wardrobe with so little of it, and is great for layering. Living in a place like Minnesota, layering is key all year round...which is probably why I'm constantly bringing it up and with so much excitement in my voice. Layering, layering, layering la la la!
I'm also rockin' that side pony.
What's a blog post without showing some leg? I recently told a co-worker that I'm striving to be a bit less weird. In reply, he burst out laughing and said, "I don't see that happening any time soon!" Cheers!
My birthday is on Friday and I can already feel myself sinking into a quarter-life crisis. I'll be 19, the last of my teen years. Gone so soon. Youth, come back! Expect a boring birthday post in which I lecture on what I learned in my 18th year of life. Till then, keep cool friends.


Chris Fox said...

For once, I give you credit: 93 is pretty hot outdoors. :P Also, SINCE WHEN DID YOU DO THIS?! Why is this not on Lookbook so I can love it endlessly! This is definitely one of my favourite outfits of the entire year. :]

And quit teasing us with your skirt lifting ways, woman. Geez.

Meli said...

I love this idea of a lace shirt under a dress! I'll be copying that soon, for sure. Well, as soon as it gets bellow 90 and I don't have to wear my work uniform, anyway

Priya said...

Totally rad sundress Chloe. I feel you with the stinkin warm weather, down here in Nashville! I try not to let it dictate what I wear completely though, which means inevitably I'll be sweating.

Cassandra Hofschulte said...

I know how you feel about the weather, even though we both live in the twin cites. I love your blog because it gives me ideas on outfits. Keep up the good work =]

Charlotte. said...

Love these photos! That dress is beautiful.

My Gaby said...

looooooove the shoes!


Anonymous said...

Love! totally feels Angela Chase. I am about to turn 19 as well. I feel the same way as far as getting older. I just wanna be Peter Pan and never grow up!
have a good one


carrie jade said...

the tshirt mixes so well with the dress it looks like one piece! love. diggin' the side pony also ;) everything is so 90s! x

Jamie Rose said...

I just love this! The lace bodysuit underneath your cute little dress is perfect. And those shoes. I love them.
Also 93 degrees is a heatwave there! haaaaa. I hate the heat so so much. It's normal for all of July and August to be 95+ here. Friday is supposed to have a high of 100.
I stay inside most days haha