Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Jazz Singer

Birthday weekend has been spent almost entirely sleeping and blowing my nose. I came down with a sudden, violent illness on Thursday and thus, 19th birthday has been spent in bed. I managed to sneak out on Saturday night to get dinner with my best friend before she heads back up to university till August. It will be strangely lonely not having her just down the alley from me. We spent the evening at Moscow on the Hill eating chicken kiev and dark chocolate mousse. Oh, I do love the Russians!
As soon as the waitress set the chocolate mousse on the table and I saw the beautifully sugared cookie butterfly, I became one of those people who take photos of food and plaster them over the internet. It was short lived, but it was lovely (the mousse, not the obsessive food-photo-taking).

I was so excited to wear this beautiful new dress for the first time. I bought it over spring break from a local boutique called Primp (conveniently located just down the street from Moscow on the Hill). I liked the flapper appeal to it. I'm not usually the type to wear loose fitting sheaths, but this was an exception in the siren red colour, with the drop waist and the pleats flanking the sides. I snuck in a lot of gold to compliment the red and promote a bohemian feel.
The fringe purse is by R&Em from Macy's a couple of years ago. It's beautiful and I absolutely do not use it enough. I also paired it with the gold heels and gold belt which I frequently put together. (Remember this and this?) (I hope I didn't just ruin the magic...) The heels are finally wearing in enough to be wearable without getting massive cuts and being in agony for days after. Thank goodness!
To further influence the bohemian vibes, I threw in some bangles around my upper arm and pinned one of my grandmother's necklaces in my hair. I'm getting really "into doing this" because it works great with curly hair and it doesn't give me a headache the way that headbands do. Seriously, what fool who invented the headband ever thought that having a metal band digging it's way into your skull was a good idea?
Summer has been annoying un-eventful thus far. I've spent a great deal of it at work, sick, or spending rainy days indoors watching movies. I was spoiled last summer when I backpacked Europe and everyday was some great adventure (and often times disaster). And even the summer before that, which I spent being in love, running around the countryside late at night, stargazing, hiking, and living with a crazy Swiss kid named Jojo.
It sounds ridiculous, but I'm actually looking forward to going back to school. I'm just out floating right now, uncertain of everything. But once when I'm back in university, I have a routine and things to do and I won't feel entirely pathetic when I spend my nights alone watching Cary Grant classics.
But I'm a flapper at heart, and I wish to be out drinking gin and dancing and kissing pretty boys. Just kidding. I prefer vodka.
I work three days this week (time to make money - I went home sick twice last week) but should probably find myself something to do on my days off so I can quit whining and make the most of my summer. I want to go hiking, and camping, and have a bonfire. Time to find a companion to do it all with!
Moses came by to say hello! Unfortunately he isn't a good companion for any of the aforementioned activities. He won't even go for a walk around the block, lazy pup...


Jamie Rose said...

Happy belated birthday! I'm glad you were able to get out and go to dinner! You looked amazing in that red 20's-inspired dress. I'm really loving the gold heels paired with it.

I like the idea of pinning a necklace in your hair instead of a headband. It's so true about headbands being horrible torture devices! When I find a comfortable one I treasure it forever and then I get sad if it gets lost.

I also know what you mean about having a schedule when you're back at school. I won't miss summer when I'm back there, but right now it'd be nice to have a bit of structure in my day instead of lots of sleeping, netflix, and occasionally going out with friends.

rachel said...

I definitely had a college summer or two just like yours, and in the middle I think I felt pathetic and lonely and wished it was over. Now I look back on it fondly for whatever reason - before you know if you'll be dating someone and busier than ever and everything will be moving so fast! Alone time can be so meaningful if you just push past the part where you're not used to it.

Yuliya ♥ said...

Love your shoes !

Nicole Brown said...

You look beautiful! Love the red, the pleats, the fringe and the gold accents! So...basically the whole thing. ;)

Bad Taste Toast said...

Awwww Moses is such a cutie, love when he makes a guest appearance in your pics :)

You look lovely in this vibrant red dress, so classic and elegant combined with the pops of gold in the accessories. There certainly is a touch of the (golden haha) Twenties about this outfit!
I'm sorry to hear you got sick over your birthday weekend, that sucks! At least you got to go out and have some delicious treats!
Happy belated birthday to you Chloe! :)

My Gaby said...

amazing dress!

The Rubber Doll by Pepa said...

Awesome look and great blog dear:D

Sandylu said...

Nice look!!! I'm following you now!!

Anonymous said...

I love your dress!

Anonymous said...

I think I am in love with Moses! what a cutie. I love the gold and red together and your hair is precious. Happy Birthday as well!

Priya said...

You look fab in red! That would contribute nicely to a flapper costume (best costume idea ever).

Also, happy belated birthday Chloe! Hope it was superfantastic

molly said...

I have to say you look stunning! LOVE the shoes.