Saturday, July 7, 2012

go blue jackets!

The 100-degree heat wave that's been in Minnesota has finally passed and it's finally bearable, even pleasant, to go outside. Thank goodness, seeing as my dog was going crazy with boredom and work was torture in our long black pants and long sleeved button downs. I don't know how people who live in warm climates do it. The humidity was so high that sometimes it was difficult to just stand outside and breath. It felt more like you were swimming. Hopefully that's done with for a while...I was starting to lose inspiration as to what to wear, only wanting to put on cut offs and t-shirts because I would simply sweat through all else.
I spent the day running errands, so I kept things simple today. This summer has been very 1970s inspired and so I kept with the theme. Who're the Blue Jackets? Beats me! I found this t-shirt for a quarter at a garage sale a few weeks ago. Not only did it say "summer" to me, but I also need cheap-y t-shirts to wear in Guatemala. I really like the shirt, but I'm confused as to why a Blue Jackets shirt is red?
Speaking of red, I accented the outfit with a red belt and was happily wearing red sunnies until one of the arms broke off. I suppose that's what I get for buying $3 sunglasses, but it was tragic and I was so distraught for the rest of errand running.
I am also wearing my favourite brown shorts which were a gift from my aunt. She made them herself back in her youth and I adore them to pieces. Whenever I wear them I feel like a camp counselor. Let it be known that these shorts are as close to a camp counselor as I ever want to become. I'm definitely not a "kid" person. I can maybe do one kid at a time, or a few if they're quiet and disciplined. (Side note: I actually was a camp counselor for a few years and those were probably the worst weeks of summer. There's a reason why I quit doing it.)
My father took these photos today. He's still getting the hang of the camera. Oh, speaking of close up portraits....
Like I mentioned, Moses was going insane being locked inside the house (albeit, air conditioned) for the past couple of weeks. I took him out to play in the grass before work yesterday and the above resulted. He's such a goof, I adore him to pieces. But let's not kid ourselves, everyone feels that way about the little guy. How could you not?
I have 4 days and counting till I'm on a plane to Guatemala. I cannot wait to get away and do something meaningful. I used to spend so much time volunteering because it was a high school graduation requirement to volunteer 1,000 hours. I accomplished the hours in the first couple of years and eventually my volunteering fizzled out because of college and relationships.
I mentioned in my last post about how I don't really connect with a lot of girls because they seem to only want to talk about clothes and shopping with me. I really appreciated a comment that Char left. It's true, maybe a lot of girls do use clothes and shopping as an ice breaker and I'll definitely keep that in consideration! I guess I just don't ever have much to say about the topic and it falls flat immediately, making me think that I just can't properly talk to a lot of girls.

I have several posts scheduled for while I'm gone that I'm excited for! I'll even have a giveaway coming up soon. There's so much going on in my life right now and I love it that way.


Leila said...

I definitely think talking about clothes is an ice breaker. I take pictures of my outfits, but in "real life," my interests tend to be much more political, academic, or artistic. I think there are a lot of us girls who fear that we are somehow abnormal and so almost sabotage friendships with other girls before they start. I'm trying to make closer friends with girls because I do miss bonding with other women; if I figure out a way to break through the ice, I'll let you know. :P

carrie jade said...

haha, can't get over that photo of moses! so great. when anything of mine breaks, it's a bad day.

oh gosh! 1,000 hours?! that's insane! our requirement is a small 40 compared to that, and that was quite difficult. (though, i guess it depends on availability and we don't have a lot of options around here, so places like soup kitchens are always full).

Paperstars said...


SafiyaMarie said...

Those shorts are amazing, wish I had an aunt how would make me clothes :) I love how you've picked out the red in it :)

And Moses is so cute!

Lea said...

omg give me your dog. he is such a kew pie!! this outfit is so cute Chloe. I could see Donna from that 70s show wearing it. those shorts are amazing and I love the color so much. you are so adorable girl.

Shelby Leske said...

Hello from a fellow Minnesotan! I've been following your blog for awhile now. The Blue Jackets are Columbus, Ohio's NHL team, fyi :)