Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I feel like the tangent I went on last week kind of burnt me out. I just haven't had a single thing to say lately. Sometimes I'm just too outspoken for my own good. I've decided to tag all posts where I go on long rants about society or the self with the tag "soapbox" so that they're easy to find in case anyone wants to quickly locate impromptu speeches written by a 19 year old girl. I had a teacher in high school who crafted himself a soapbox so that while he was lecturing, he could physically hop onto a platform whenever he was going to voice an opinion. He was a pretty cool teacher, to say the least. He messaged me on Facebook recently and asked if my tattoo was real and added on a "WOW!" when I confirmed that it was. I love having cool teachers. They seem far and few.
I had a design professor last semester who was the best professor I'd ever had at my university. It's because of her that I decided to change my major. I've had so many professors and teachers that just seem burnt out on their subject. It's hard to be interested in something when a teacher can barely even sound interested themselves. After I had this particular design professor last semester, I completely fell in love with design on a whole. I'm really hoping that I have some great classes this coming semester. School is so boring when the teachers are.
Speaking of school, I made this Superman shirt for a class my first (and only) semester of being an apparel design major. I put the plackets in wrong, but otherwise it is flawless. It has all different coloured buttons and is quite fantastic, if I do say so myself. I think I became known in that class for using crazy prints for all my garments. Oh well, it meant that everyone knew which shirt was mine!
I feel like my summer has taken a sudden turn to the unproductive. I haven't been getting much done since returning from Guatemala, mostly drinking coffee, watching "That '70s Show", and working. I really should make a "To Do" list and start pushing myself to get stuff done. I hate feeling unproductive and the summer is getting so close to an end - I can't believe tomorrow is the first day of August!
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ToriLou said...

You look gorgeous Chloe, totally rocking that belly top and short-shorts girl. If only, I say!! I'm off to uni here in the UK for the first time this September as a 'mature student' (I'm 26) Hoping I end up with professors as cool as the two you mention!!

A Possible Fantasy said...

super cute pics, super cute you!

SafiyaMarie said...

That shirt is seriously amazing. I know exactly what you mean about boring teachers and what not. One of the major reasons I'm going to study English in September at Uni is because of my old english teacher. He was an absolute inspiration because loved his subject so much. I'm finally pushing myself to not be so lazy and started doing yoga in the morning, I find it really sets me up for the rest of the day :)


The Jones said...

Cute makeup...I love your eyes! And this top looks darling knotted with just that touch of tummy showing. Really great for the hot weather these days.

<3 cambria

Priya said...

I love that you wear clothes with crazy/awesome prints! My favorite has got to be the kitty peplum. You're rockin' it!

perfectly priya

Two Happy Hearts said...

That shirt is so great!! So impressive that you made it!
And you look adorable. Those shorts are SO awesome.

Jamie Rose said...

I tried the to-do list thing once I realized it was actually the end of summer. It was too late. I've pretty much done nothing I wanted to get done. Oh well! I relaxed at least?

Also that shirt you made is amazing! I'm all about that crazy fun print. I'd be wearing that thing all the time!