Tuesday, December 4, 2012


In going with tradition and starting the post off about weather: Global warming is going to ruin Christmas. Minnesota is already 10 inches behind on snowfall for this season and yesterday was 52°F out. I feel like, to remedy the problem, I need to set out and plant a bunch of trees in a desperate attempt to stop the icebergs from melting and bring Minnesota back to its natural chill. It's really rotten when other people ruin things for you. Like the environment. I don't drive. I rarely fly. I recycle everything under the sun. I take short showers. I re-use practically everything barring toilet paper and tampons. My little corner of the universe should be luxuriously snowy with a fully fleshed out polar bear population. I shouldn't have to suffer because the idiots around me want to drive huge vehicles and throw away plastic bottles and whatever other thoughtless things people do.
Sometimes I just want to punch people in the face. I want to go ice skating and for polar bears to stop dying, dammit! I deserve that!
Since it was disturbingly warm out yesterday, I decided to go the shorts and stockings route. My friend David Mendolia gifted me these shoes the last time I saw him. Apparently his mum drank loads of 7-Up when she was younger and collected enough pop tops (or something) to send off for these sweet kicks. Despite the wedge giving me a couple inches of lift, I felt sadly short anyways. It's the weight of my hopes and dreams - I'm shrinking from dragging them around for years and years without relief. I'm also wearing brand new slouchy socks from Ralph Lauren. I treated myself to them when I was in Macy's last week buying socks for my giving tree girl. I deserve a new pair of socks once in a while, am I right or am I right?
The coat is my mum's. She bought it back in 1989 when she was pregnant with my older sister. I love it. It's like a safety blanket, not to mention the colours and the print are amazing. It was the only jacket with green in it that I could find (to match my kicks). Given that it was raining (while I took these photos) it's a good thing that it has a hood.
Also while I was taking these photos: on the block down from me, a girl came out in the alley and also started to take photos of herself. Fellow blogger? I hope so. Minnesota is seriously lacking. I know of Cambria from Jupe...but that might be it. Where're all my fellow Minnesotans at?
Oh, to finish off what I'm wearing, the vest (for extra un-needed warmth) is from Tunnel Vision. Shorts are guess and the sweatshirt is something old from the back of my closet.
 I can't wait till I can start focusing on Christmas! I have 2 more presentations (1 in French), 4 final papers (2 in French), 1 production, and 3 final exams. Plus apparently a couple of worksheets, which is silly if you ask me. But then after that, it's Christmas Christmas Christmas! And wishing for snow.


Rose-et-Violet said...

I get really excited when I see other maybe bloggers taking pictures of themselves. But then, I feel silly, because they seem so professional...and then there's me.
But yes! This unseasonably warm weather is scary!

Love your jacket, and the kicks. Such nice things to be handed-down/gifted.


L.D. N. said...

My home town is feeling that global warming too. Last year was the first year in my life I didn't have a white Christmas. I was pissed. I'm also similarly upset about polar bears, but on to the frivolous things in life.

....yeah, pretty sure my mum rocked that coat mid-80s too. Hers was a purple and blue pattern though. Sweet kicks, lady. So fresh.

Gypsy Alchemy

Nicole McInnis said...

I freaking love your blog!
I nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award! haha

Milex said...

Pretty good

Keit said...

Warm weather? Really? You lucky girl :-D
Damn, this is by far the pretties raddest look I've seen on the blog sphere, love it!!!

Marisa Violeta said...

This is such a fun outfit! I love it and I love how you mixed all those colors and textures! You look gorgeous!

Abby said...

Hey what software/site do you use to edit your photos? I don't have photoshop, so I was wondering if there was something else I could use. Thanks! I really like the jacket :)

Cambria said...

You know, this sparked a fun idea...I don't know of many MN girls either...we should take photos together in an alley sometime, haha.

I loved that warm day earlier this week too...too bad for the FRIGID wind this afternoon/eve :P

Hoping for snowy Christmas...I'm totally with you about the weather these days...what happened to the Minnesota of our childhood?!

Laura Pellicer said...

Awesome look! I like your style too much! I follow you! ^^. If you like, you can follow me on www.werlissa.com. Xoxo!!

Nicole Brown said...

*raises hand* Hello! Fellow Minnesota blogger here! ;)

And those shoes are awesome.

Caetera said...

Ooooh you're studying french ! If you need help, you can ask me :)