Saturday, December 15, 2012

Anything to Say You're Mine

Bad weather and finals finals finals means no blog updates, or at least hasty ones. I took these photos the other day and was in an awkward panic which isn't typical of me. I moved location about a million times because of the ice and snow and awkward sunlight glinting off of every surface imaginable due to the bright light. So, as a result, we have 3 nearly identical poses in 3 very different spots. And not much commentary.
Thursday was my first day off from class for the semester (which is when these photos are from). I slept in till 10 (yippeee!) and then went down to the village to do my Christmas shopping, which also left me in a stressed out panic (and my wallet quite a bit thinner) and then came home to work on my final French essay for 6 hours before it was due at midnight.
You can see why I've been so stressed out lately. And also why I haven't been able to update in a week. I had a final today and then after this I only have one more exam and one more essay!
When I went out to do my Christmas shopping I wore this. Except the boots, because I took these photos first and soon after realised that I'd probably snap my neck if I wore them out. Today, it is raining. But for the past week the roads have been awful and coated with uneven layers of ice and snow. I've slipped numerous times, resulting in only humiliation and an attempt to giggle at my clumsiness and remind myself, "It'll only happen a million more times this season!"
Anyways, I'm intellectually spent and mostly excited to get my Christmas on! A boy is coming over in a couple hours to help me decorate the tree, and I have a list of people to get cards out to, Christmas DIYs to complete, and presents to wrap! Take care everyone and I promise, updates soon (and better photos) xx


Judith said...

Love the outfit!

Mostly Lisa said...

Good luck on all your finals! Hopefully your stress will diminish after you've taken all of them.

Great outfit by the way.

Mostly Lisa

Nicole Brown said...

Your hair looks gorgeous and i love that furry vest!

I always manage to fall on my butt at least once a winter. :-/

Jamie Rose said...

Aw you look so cute and comfy. I think these pictures turned out nice! Your hair looks super pretty and those dotted tights are fantastic. Good luck finishing up your semester. End of term papers and exams are pretty much the worse ever. It feels so good when they're done though.

Cambria said...

Keep it up, keep it up! Almost done :) I just finished up my Xmas shopping yesterday too...had quite a lot of fun!

<3 Cambria

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Keit said...

Blah, I hate school work, dont get too stressed out! Not worth it!
Hahah, its been incredibly slippery here too, people are constantly falling and literally breaking legs.
I love your style so much ^_^

Jackets for women said...

I really like your outfit here, simple and chic!!

Priya said...

This outfit looks a little more glam than usual, which means I love it and would love to wear something like this (not that I don't like what you wear, I think this is just a little more my style). Looking for a fur vest, as we speak.

perfectly priya

Miss Woody said...