Tuesday, December 18, 2012

polar style.

And I'm all yours. Finals are all turned in and I feel weird. There's so much to do, I'm overwhelmed by all my options...so instead, I'm trying to do it all and getting nothing done! Today was productive: I started my day off getting (almost!) the rest of my Christmas shopping done and getting a couple of cards in the mail. Last year, I think I had them all out by now - yikes, I am behind! I also attempted to ship a package that's been sitting around for a week but it's going to an APO box, so I have to fill out a customs form. That ended up being miserable and the website didn't have the right form and the dinky grocery store didn't either, so that's one thing I still have to get done!
For all of this errand running, I wore this. It wasn't too chilly out today and I wasn't going far.
I am wearing a polar bear sweater that was my father's, and then my mum's...and now mine. And then I layered it with flannel because, well, this is Minnesota & that's the law, Guess shorts, and sparkly tights! I get coupons for DSW from their rewards programme for $10 off any amount, so I always go in there after work and get myself socks or tights for cheap (or free!). This was one of the pairs. You can't see it very well, but they're sparkly and perfect for the holiday season. I want to go ice skating in them! Oh, and I finished off with ModCloth boots which are divinely warm.
I was having a bad hair day so I pinned it up into this heap of curls on my head. It makes me feel a bit bed head-y, but such is life...and bad hair days.
Moses came out with me, but he's still sick (remember that?) and the medication he's been on has been causing him to lose all his fur and it's also caused him to drop significantly in weight. He's barely keeping it on and is just skin & bones. On the bright side, I can now carry him around all I want because it doesn't cause my arms to ache! When we were out today, he was freezing. His little chin was shaking and he was desperate to crawl up into my arms. When he did, his whole body was shaking from the cold. Poor guy! Minnesota isn't for him. I love him though, what a sweet!
I've had a boy around a couple of times now, and it drives Moses up the wall with jealousy. Whenever this particular boy is over, Moses refuses to leave my arms or lap or wherever he may be situated at that time. It's sort of like having a baby. Everything I do is one handed and all my clothes have pug fur clinging to them (he sheds a lot). I love him though, he's my baby. Even when he makes my life difficult.
This "particular friend" came around today and we decorated a gingerbread house! It was fun...a bit juvenile, but all in the name of Christmas. See you soon & stay warm! xx


Sushi said...

Awww your poor little dog, hope he gets better soon. Loving your outfit, especially the boots! I had my eye on them for ages but didn't buy them before they sold out nooooo x Sushi

Fleur Stevens said...

Lovely photo's specially that with your dog!! Great hair cut! and then I read your story and you say it's a bad hair day, because I like it!

What fun to read that the sweater was from your dad en your mum and now is it yours! Love the picture!

Would you like to follow each other? So let me know and have a look at my blog if you want.

Have a nice day. Xxx

Jamie Rose said...

Aw Moses is so cute. I hope he starts to feel better soon!
I think your outfit is super cute for running errands and your hair looks pretty like this too! Your polar bear sweater is a big win in my book.

Milex said...

from head to toe <3

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your jumper. And your blog, I'm always excited to see that there's a new post from you :) I hope moses gets better soon xx


Bad Taste Toast said...

This sweater is fun, love how you paired it with the plaid! And sparkling tights - Minnesota glam huh? :)
I love the outfit and I love how you always have an anecdote about at least one of the pieces you're wearing.

Aww poor Moses, first sick, then also jealous. Good for him that you are such a loving and caring mistress for him :)

Anonymous said...

This outfit is the perfect example of layering! A+!!
I like taking things from my dad's closet!! aha. Since he keeps all his old clothes there's some gems in there. So cool you found one yourself.
Hope your doggie feels better soon!

Priya said...

I actually love your hair like this Chloe, so even if it's bed-heady, let it stay! Clothes passed down from your family are the absolute best and that sweater rocks. Sorry about your poor pup, he is a sweetheart and seems to get into fashion blogging just as much as you!

perfectly priya