Monday, March 4, 2013

all of us stars

Thank you everyone for your sweet words upon the death of my baby puppy Moses. It's been tough and it would be a lie if I said that I didn't spend most of Thursday/Friday/Saturday in tears and unable to breath from the pain of losing my best friend of nearly 10 years. I think it's impossible to put words to how much Momo meant to me and even after my last post about the little guy, I feel like I hardly did our relationship justice. On the brightside, my family has been really great about talking about our life with Moses and my boyfriend has barely left my side. I've been able to move on from being horribly sad and broken about the loss of my pup, to being able to look at photos of him and think of all the great times I've had with him since he was a puppy. I truly am lucky to have had such a great companion for the past 10 years.
These photos are actually from Wednesday. As I prepared this post, I couldn't help but realise that these are the last photos that I took where Moses was keeping an eye on me. Although he doesn't always appear in my blog photos, he always made sure that he went out with me when I took them. He'd sit on his tie out in the backyard and keep an eye on me. If it was raining hard or too cold (these past few months, he hadn't much fur left), then he'd insist that I left the door open so that he could sit inside and watch me. It was important for Moses to always keep an eye on me when he could. He was the sweetest, softest little guy in the world.
When I went out to take these photos before class on Wednesday, Moses sat inside the door and watched.
I bought these leggings from Romwe a few weeks ago. I always feel like I'm destroying the planet or something when I buy from Romwe, which is why it blows that they have totally cute and inexpensive leggings. Leggings are one of those things that I don't want to spend loads of money on, so I'm almost forced to buy from Romwe even though I'm sure their stuff is totally unethical and I should be supporting local businesses, etc. I'd been wanting some nebula-print leggings for a while and this new boyfriend of mine is obsessed with the galaxy, so I bought them, in part, for him. He's addicted to them and pretty much falls on the floor in ecstasy everytime I put them on. My boyfriend is also a total science and math geek.
On Wednesday night I got out of class early (because I had a midterm, ugh!), so I went over to the math building on campus to wait for boyfriend's math class to finish up. While sitting in the hallway "studying" for geology, a boy (who'd been previously wandering the hallway) came out and asked me what I was studying, etc. He then asked me to come "study" with his friend and him, physics and astronomy majors, respectively. I declined. Turns out, these boys were not studying at all, but rather playing Magic. Boyfriend sees them every night. I don't think I'd ever been so excited to be (attempted to be) picked up before in my life. If it wasn't for boyfriend, I probably would've gone with them. Ho hum. (If it wasn't for boyfriend, I'd never have even stepped foot inside the math building, mind you.)
In addition to my boy-catching nebula print leggings, I'm wearing a sweater from the Gap, my go-to Doc Martens, and a vest from Tunnel Vision. Oh, and jacket from UO.
I realise how unhappy I look in these photos - and just lately, in general. Taking care of Moses and seeing him in such decline the past month or two has really taken an emotional toll on me, not to mention all my schoolwork and my workwork. Luckily, all that stands between me & spring break is three midterms (two tests, one paper) and a quiz. Then I will have some time to relax and write my term papers. Yippee.
My friend Tyler and I went out shopping yesterday and managed to accidentally stumble upon some major sales. I definitely look forward to showing off some of those purchases including purple bell bottoms and the baddest ass leather jacket in the world. In the meantime, friends, take care and keep loving. xx

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