Thursday, March 14, 2013

an american family

So...yeah. I know it's been an unexcusably long time since I've updated but, I'm gonna try with an excuse anyways: it's midterms and the entire Twin Cities is densely covered with ice and horrible cold. Okay, well not at the moment. At this very moment, everything is slush and the sun is wonderful. But this is the first time it's been as such in a while. excuse is still viable.
Last week I mentioned getting a new pair of purple bell bottoms and the baddest-ass leather jacket in the world. Well, here are both! I'm been in some weird '70s mood lately. It might not help that I've been listening almost entirely to Cat Stevens and The Grateful Dead, but it certainly does not help any further that we watching a movie in class today called Cinema Verite which is all about the making of An American Family. I swear, take a reality TV class and that production will be brought up a million and two times. It's inevitable. And also really good.
So anyways, because of all this, I've wanted nothing but to lounge in bell bottoms for the past couple of weeks - at least. The bell bottoms are from one of my favourite local shops, Up Six, and the jacket is from one of my other favourite (but now closing!) shops, Go Vintage. I've been eyeing it for a while now and finally went for it. And got it 75% off because of the closing sale. Bittersweet.
So as I mentioned, besides the amount of ice in the driveway (seriously a danger zone! I nearly wiped out at least 5 times while taking these photos), I haven't been around much because of midterms. University is seriously kicking my butt this semester (I say that every semester, mind you). All I do is read, read, read, synthesise, synthesise, synthesise, discuss, discuss, discuss, repeat, repeat, repeat. It's dreadful and I always seem to forget that over breaks between semesters.
It's also been rough losing Mosey-Mo. It's weird not to have your everyday, closest companion around. I still go to say good morning to him every day before breakfast. And just today I was thinking about how I'd get home to find him soaking up the gorgeous sun on the back deck. It's tough. The adjustment is tough. Knowing that he will never, ever be back is tough. As a remedy for my loneliness and lack of an animal companion to talk to, my boyfriend said that he'd take me to get some fish over spring break. I know what you may be thinking - "But Chloe, silly little girl, a pet fish can never ever ever come close to a sweet, cuddly, soft pug pup like Moses!" And I know, I know.
But I'm seriously a dork for fish-y friends.
Anyways, I need to get going. Actually, I don't need to. I don't need to at all! I could stay here forever just writing my thoughts and sweet things to each and every one of you. However, my spring break starts NOW and I'm treating myself by playing The Sims 3. I only play The Sims for about 6 hours every year because I secretly don't actually like it, but I get it in my head that I do and it'll be a great way to chill out and forget "the real world." But then I get pissed off over how boring and repetitive it is and tend to sulk. So that's what I will be doing for the next hour or so.
So now I really am going. Sorry for the short(ish) post, but there's one more photo (a great shot of my ass, but you didn't hear that from me!) over at the Official Urban Tease Facebook Page. Stay sweet, my friends xx


Jamie Rose said...

Oh man I treat myself by playing The Sims 3 too! I haven't played since the summer though, sadly. When I play I get frustrated with the bugginess of the game and then end up trying to find reasons for the bugs and fix them and it just annoys me. I understand!
Anyway, this outfit is so 70's-tastic and awesome. I'm in love with your cool purple bell bottoms and amazing new jacket. You look wonderful and I'm glad you survived on all that ice!

Milex said...

It's everything and more

Lizz said...

I basically spent the last hour creeping on your blog and I completely love your style!! Following :]

Keit said...

Oh man, I remember my "sims phase" few years ago. I played them for 5 days straight, making the perfect home and perfect relationship, and I got bored. Perfect life is boring, I guess :D
Love your 70's inspired outfit, it reminds me of "The 70's show". :D The jeans are so rad!
And so sorry again for your puppy, it will be hard for a long time. Maybe try turtle, fishies are a little coldhearted :D