Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Ain't No One

I think it was only just in the last post that I was writing about how much I missed taking my own blog photos - just me, my tripod, and the big wide alley. So, I left class early today and went home to take photos by myself before anyone else got home. The classroom at my university is freezing cold and I had spent a good 15 minutes walking around the building and standing outside reading the paper and trying to get warm...so I decided that it was just easier to leave and go back tomorrow with a sweatshirt, lots of snacks, and better focus. I have two days of class left and then SUMMER for three weeks before back to school.
My boyfriend and I made a list of things we want to do in August when I'm out of school and he only has one class going instead of two. A lot of them are different movies to watch, but we also have road trips to hike in Redwing and Taylor's Falls, a day to eat falafel and vintage shop, and a double date to do paddle boats and mini golf. Friday freedom come sooner!
We reached the lower 80s for a temperature today - the warmest it's been in two weeks. Crazy! Minnesota is nuts because one week it will be 95 degrees and humid, and the next week it'll be 60 degrees and breezy. I like the moderate temps because they're easy to dress for. I was playing with my hair today and managed to achieve the closest thing to victory rolls that I've ever managed. My hair is too curly and unruly, I can never get them to work. But, I managed to get something close enough and decided to play off the Fifties theme with some high waist capris from Topshop, my go-to Payless saddle shoes, and a Coca Cola tee from Target (p.s. totally bummed that Target refuses to sign the sweatshop factory upgrades & I'm now forcing myself to boycott).
I definitely want to try the victory rolls again! Does anyone have tips? I'm thinking I might have to analyze Elizabeth's because she has similar hair. (Also, she's a GODDESS!)
This outfit made me feel rugged and like I should be wearing a baseball cap and playing ball with the neighbourhood kids. Even though I haven't played baseball in years - probably close to 10 now! - it's still one of my fondest summer memories. Summer when you're a kid is the greatest thing ever. No responsibilities, just get dirty and stay up all night. Jump in the pool to cool off, eat a popsicle, then head back out and get roughed up all over again. That being said, Minnesota winters were always a blast when I was a kid, too. For some reason, the sub zero temps just don't bother you when you're a kid (and trust me, it's not the snowball fights or the snowman building - I've tried that as an adult and I still freeze my butt off and go back in an unhappy popsicle with a pitiful snowman hiding in the backyard). But WHY am I talking about winter? What are your favourite childhood memories from summer?
Don't forget that THE GIVEAWAY ends tomorrow! I'm so jealous that one of you guys gets a sweet pair of ultra comfortable, stylish shoes - so why haven't that many people entered?? ENTER NOW. What better things do you have to do with your life???? Seriously. Tell me.


Laura said...

You look adorable! I really love this vintage inspired outfit!

Summer was always the best time for me as a kid! I remember always playing 4 square with my siblings - so amazing!


Jamie S said...

Yessss! You totally rock this sassy retro tomboy look. Love it!

bottledhollywood said...

I just bought those shoes from payless! They're super comfortable and look great even on my big feet. (huge thanks to payless for selling my size.)

You look super cute in this casual outfit and I'm going to try something like it soon!

xoxo Gigi

Becky said...

I love this outfit! The top is perfect!


Milex said...

how amazing!

Rachel Sullivan said...

You are THE coolest.
I always sucked at baseball on summer vacation as a kid. And kickball. I could play a mean pokemon game, tho.


Iris Ruiz said...

Gorgeous look! I love it!


Hannah Gottlieb-Graham said...

Hi beauty, I just love your cute blog! I think it's so sweet that you and your man devised a list of things to accomplish before summer is over! I love your relaxed jeans and t-shirt!

Xo, Hannah


Suê said...

Look perfect, adorable.
I am delighted with your blog, I visit whenever
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marslovesvenus said...

Whoa, small world alert - I totally saw you rockin' this outside SCU and thought "What a cute outfit!" Then I log onto Tumblr and see another supercute Coca Cola tee and - voila! Here you are. So what I couldn't say while leaving SCU yesterday I will say now - great outfit!

Rachel Darko said...

Ahhh, your hair looks so cute!
ヽ(´ ▽ ` )ノ

Priya said...

LOVE this outfit, and I think the victory rolls look fantastic! Your pictures always turn out so well- jealous!

When I was younger I was always playing sports with my 4 brothers (or girlier things by myself/with friends/my sisters if I was VERY lucky). I totally have memories of having to be waaayyy out in the outfield because the bros needed an extra player, or playing catch in the backyard. To this day, the smell of grass, the sound of a lawnmower, and the sound of owls in the late afternoon reminds me so so much of childhood and home. I love it.

perfectly priya

Laila said...

You are rocking the victory rolls lady!! I love those shoes also, I can never find saddle shoes I like in the UK. XX