Friday, August 2, 2013

Golden Hour

Today I became the crazy neighbour lady. I ran outside in my pajamas, yelling my lungs out, and batting the hostas with a pink yard stick. I've been trying to get a cat out of my yard. For weeks now. It's this sneaky little black one that hides in the bushes underneath the bird feeders, waiting for an unsuspecting critter to come by. Now, I adore my critters. My birds, my chipmunks, my squirrels, my mice. They're all friendly to me and I spend evenings and mornings sitting and watching them, feeling absolutely at peace. They are my friends. I feel very protective of them and yes, I will do anything to keep the neighbourhood cats away. I don't care what type of reputation I get among my neighbours.
My boyfriend went out with me the other night to take these photos. I realised that I haven't once taken my own photos this summer (save for Paris). In my neighbourhood, I have received the reputation as that-one-girl-who-dresses-weird-and-takes-photos-of-herself-with-a-tripod-in-the-alley-regardless-of-sub-zero-temps (phew, that's lengthy, perhaps crazy-critter-protector wouldn't be so bad!). While I've been taking blog photos, so many people have come down my alley, driving, biking, walking their dogs. One time someone was making cement steps and watched the whole process for about 15 minutes before I even saw him! These people always just stare. No one has ever asked me what I was up to, which maybe concerns me a bit, or maybe it's a good thing. I read Elizabeth's new article on taking blog photos (excellent, by the way!) and am feeling a bit more empowered to get out and take some photos by myself. I always feel a bit more at peace, and less rushed, when doing it by myself. Besides, who cares what type of reputation I get amongst the neighbour-folk.
That said, my boyfriend took these beautiful photos and I'm very happy! I've been teaching him well. (Yeah, I will take credit for this....)  It was golden hour - the sunlight was coming through the trees just right, there was a soft, cool breeze coming through the trees, and everything was perfect and calm.
I was wearing one of my new favourite tee shirts - another one from my Auntie! I was wearing it a few weeks ago and my boyfriend comes into the room and says, "Hey, it's Susan BANTHONY!" Ugh. No, it's Susan B. Anthony! I've developed great respect for the Suffragettes, now that I'm older. When you're little and your mum is trying to encourage female role models (Marie Curie, Eleanor Roosevelt, etc.) they all just seem so stuffy and whatever. You take all that stuff for granted when you're young. Now that I'm 20 and practically a boring old lady, I'm understanding and grateful enough to wear her on my shirt. LOUD AND PROUD!
Speaking of clothes from my Auntie, I also snagged this hoodie from her. I was wearing it to class the other day and put my iPod in the right pocket...and it fell right out due to a massive moth-eaten hole. So I put it in the left pocket (after awkwardly maneuvering it out since I had the earbuds in, oops) only to have the same thing happen! I gave up at that point and just carried it. Still a quality, comfy hoodie. Something about it says crisp autumn days hiking Lake Superior to me.
This whole outfit is reminiscent of my time spent along the North Shore as a kid, wearing old hand-me-downs, beat up shoes, and just getting cool and comfy along the shores. I dream of that feeling almost everyday.
My boyfriend was also wearing his own pro-feminism shirt! We decided to take a photo of us together wearing our shirts and being happy feminists together. His says "Get Some...Consent Under Your Belt" and then gives the definition of consent on the back. Yeah, I gave it to him. YAY CONSENT. YAY FEMINISM.
This was just a short post for today. I have so much to do and so little to say - it's summer, after all! I am trying to feel more and talk less. Feel more and just be in the feeling, basking in it, enjoying it thoroughly.
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Milex said...

Definitely something I like

Jamie Rose said...

Your Susan B. Anthony shirt is awesome! I love the cool hoodie paired with it too. You always look so cool in everything you wear. I'm loving the pigtails you're rocking too.
And yes, you did teach your boyfriend well because these pictures turned out great! Such pretty lighting!

Laura said...

That last picture is especially awesome! Loving the feminism! :)


Carrie A. said...

Chloe! I love you! You and Jesse are soo cute!!!

Hannah Gottlieb-Graham said...

These photos are so stunning- love the beautiful lighting! Golden hour is the best.

Xo, Hannah