Tuesday, August 13, 2013


This outfit is just a quickie. (Isn't that what every girl yearns to hear?) I was ready to spend the day painting the porch but wanted to update the blog first and I figured a good ole casual "painting the porch" outfit would be a good fit for the blog since that's all my life is right now. I'm desperate to finish up the porch this weekend so that the last two weeks of my summer can be spent doing other things. Who knew that painting a small, enclosed room could take so long? I had decided to accent the trim with blue (the walls are yellow) and so now I'm stuck doing touch ups around the edges of the trim. Damn my constant appeal to unneeded accents. Oh well, I'm looking forward to autumn evenings spent doing homework and reading on the porch, surrounded by some damn fine trim.
Since the porch is so dirty and hot, I've been wearing old baggy clothes to do the painting. So, not much can be said about the quality of what I'm wearing, except my go-to Doc Martens (which I found beat in and rugged for $6 at some hole-in-the-wall store in Stillwater).
Remember these shorts???? I wore them way back when. I can't believe I dug up that post. Look at my fat face and funny poses and OH! Moses, my babe, how I miss him....
Anyways, now that that nostalgia kick is over, I found these shorts as pants in my sister's closet many years ago. Delia's, size 5. I decided to cut them into shorts and rock 'em all baggy and stuff, aka ideal for painting. Speaking of stuff I found in my sister's closet, this flannel shirt was also hers. Miley Cyrus for Max Azria by Walmart so, you know, HIGH QUALITY.
Please note, I don't shop at Walmart. But my sister does. And free clothes are free clothes, especially when you're a penniless unpaid intern.
These photos are pretty boring, so I'm trying to fill this post with semi-amusing words. There were loads of bizarre noises happening in the alley today and I was so sure that some maniac was going to run me over or the weird Rear Window kid down the alley would stalk by and stare at me like a leper. Because of this, you get a ton of photos of me standing around with big hair, my mouth gaping, and my eyes all squinty, aka boring face. Sorry about this!
Do you guys want an amusing story that doesn't have to do with painting or cheap clothes? Well, this one had me squealing with both laughter and semi-disgust. I have this weird boyfriend who I don't bring out in public much (for good reasons) and last night we were laying on the couch when he decided to pretend to eat my hand. When I decided I'd had enough, I pulled my hand out and just so happened to be holding his old, chewed up nicotine gum. He turned bright red and I burst out in laughter for about 20 minutes before he tried to change the subject and gain back his dignity. But there you have it - an anecdote without painting or clothes involved!
I'm not sure if that was actually a good anecdote, or if you're now just scratching your heads over my weird hand-eating boyfriend.
Anyways, I'm going to finish this up since I'm hungry and haven't had my daily Gilmore Girls fix (you know, I've only seen that show all the way through about 15 times). I've been feeling all super emotional and boring lately, so I just wanted to say thank you all who left comments on my last post letting me know what was going on in your life. Please continue to leave me random stories. The point of blogging is to share stories and not only have other people hear about your life, but to hear about the lives of others. Am I right or am I right?
Anyway, I have a meeting and an internship interview tomorrow, so I better get going. I also have a follow up interview for a different internship on Thursday. Wish me luck! I want both so badly (is that being internship selfish?).


Jamie Rose said...

Haha I always enjoy your anecdotes.

And the throwback post with Moses. Awww. I miss seeing him in your posts. :(

On a more positive note, I think your sister's Walmart shirt looks cute on you and so do those shorts. This outfit has a cool casual 90s vibe.

Oh and good luck with your interview!

MsNotWeirdAtAll said...

I don't think your pictures are boring. Your tattoo and the detail on your pants add something to the whole look and the pictures as well. In my opinion the surrounding goes perfectly with theme. One more thing. You should not be ashamed of where you buy your clothes. It is important what kind of clothes you buy and if you know how to wear them. :)


Bad Taste Toast said...

Awesome!! Perfect casual everyday outfit, there's nothing better than denim and plaid! I love the embroidery on the shorts, so cool!

Aw I miss Moses in your posts too :-/

Brianna said...

I ALSO HAVE WATCHED GG ALL THE WAY THROUGH MANY MANY TIMES. I will always love the episode at the dancing all-nighter were Dean breaks up with her. also season one. also season five.

through all my sister and I's dumb fights, we have at least kept up our GG passions. up for some sad story? my sister and i (I'm 22 she's 19) hadn't talked on the phone since May until yesterday. Sad that we don't talk.

Anyways, I forgot you had a sister until this post, so yay sisters?

Rachel Sullivan said...

I wish I looked that good while painting the porch. My painting clothes are like, PJs. Not like, actually, they are.
Good luck on your interview!


Anonymous said...

Chloe, "Fire" is a fitting title for this post. You look smokin' hot! I really like how your hair looks lately. Good luck with your interviews.

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Laila said...

Great photos Chloe, I actually didn't find them remotely boring! But I did want to see a snapshot of the porch you've been working so hard on! XX

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Anonymous said...

OMG ! LOVE LOVE LOVE your outfit, your style, your blog, its AMAZING

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Laura said...

Your outfit is just amazing! I love the shirt, especially!

Also, Gilmore Girls is THEE best. Have you seen the Rory Gilmore reading list? That is what I'm working on right now!


Amalie said...

I love this outfit :) You have the coolest tattoo btw!