Tuesday, November 5, 2013

dire wolf

November 5th - voting day! My second favourite day of the year, pretty much. That being said, I almost forgot about it until they mentioned it on the radio this morning. I got very excited and exclaimed, "Oh my! Is that today?! How joyous!" Or at least I would have, if my life was a fifties family sitcom. Either way, I was very excited and headed to the polls after class, my hands trembling as I clutched my ballot. It's not even like there's anything very important up for election this year - a few school board members and the mayor, who is pretty much a shoe in. But I just get so excited about voting, I cannot even hold it in! Plus, you get a sticker afterwards. I will do pretty much anything within my morals to get a free sticker.
As I was leaving the polls an older woman ran by me and completely tripped and somehow landed on her back, though she ripped the knees of her pants. It was very odd. She was carrying a bunch of things and didn't seem to be running towards or away from anything. And then she was very embarrassed about the whole thing and my attempts to help her up didn't really go anywhere as she sat on the sidewalk pretty much shooing me away. I still consider it my good deed of the day. That, and voting.
Jeez, I write a really boring blog sometimes. How do you write excitedly about how great it is to live in a democracy and to be able to vote for your leaders, without sounding like a 4th grader?

I will confess that this outfit is actually a few days old. I took these photos Sunday after church (my father took them for me, actually). Today was dark all day and now snow is blowing in. I could write excitedly about snow but I'd still sound like a fourth grader. My boyfriend is away at the moment so I've been writing him letters. I wrote him one on Monday and the entire 4 page thing ended up being about snow and winter and the Holidays. I can't help it - I get so excited and school girlish about snow! Remember last years' first big snow?? (p.s. that work boyfriend I talked about in that post? Now my real boy friend! A work boyfriend had never before turned into a real boyfriend, until Jesse. Awwwwww!)
Look at that! I got distracted talking about snow again! My purpose to this was to talk about my outfit, which I wore on Sunday. This dress is BB Dakota and I totally love it. It's wool, so it's super warm, and a beautiful deep burgundy colour. My mother bought it for me to wear to the office for my new internships. I have the best mum! Booties are Steve Madden, the cardigan is second hand from The Loft, and the jacket is Banana Republic, also second hand.

I'm working on growing out my bangs - what do you guys think? I'll be on the job hunt soon and want to look older and professional. I love my bangs but I think they make me look young, so I'm going to grow them out and see if that's any better. I've had bangs pretty much forever. Since I was around 2 till 10, and then I cut them again when I was 13, grew them out from there but then cut them back when I was 15. I've had bangs for the last five years! And most of my life! I'd like to see what I look like (as an adult) without them. But ugh, what a freakin' awful process.

I wanted to give a shout out to my new and continuing sponsors for November! ANTHOM is an awesomely curated online store based out of Washington D.C. They have some fab stuff and I'm very excited to be working with them! Susy of That Valencia Chick has an amazingly cute sense of style and puts her blog together very thoughtfully. And then Laila at Tape Parade is continuing! She goes on tons of adventures and captures really beautiful photos from all of them. Check all three out, you won't be disappointed!
Okay well I'm off to make cards for a couple of friends. The snow is starting to fall and my spirit is soaring! Oh shoot, I have homework. Well, that dampens my spirit a tad. But snow!!
Stay warm my friends xx


Sonya Mann said...

I'm growing my bangs out too--it's such an arduous process!

This post was really cute, in general :) It's not boring, at least not to me! I love hearing about people's regular lives, especially when they involve nice things like voting and snow and boyfriends! You look adorable, too.

Anonymous said...

I get sooo excited about the snow too! We haven't had any in the UK yet (apart from a little up north) but it's been very cold so fingers crossed. And yay for voting too! I just love your dress. It's such a gorgeous colour and it looks very cosy xx

Jamie Rose said...

I like your bangs. They frame your face so nicely. I read somewhere that bangs make women look like they're more creative. I don't know. I don't think yours make you look young though. You just look young in general. I know how it is!

But anyway, I love that you were so excited about voting even though there was nobody exciting to vote for. Stickers are almost always worth it!

Also your cardigan here looks so incredibly cozy. I think I'd want to lounge around in it all day. It's so cute with your burgundy dress!

Anonymous said...

Chloe, I always love the B/W photos. You have the persona of glamour actresses from 1920 -1940's. I love it so much. Your skirt and shoes are so awesome together.
I hope your troubled "friend" is doing better! Please don't let this person drag you down. You have so much potential. I can't believe someone from the fasion world isn't banging on your door.

Stay cool & safe.


Laila said...

I've had a fringe since forever as well. I grew them out for about a year when I was 18 but I just looked so weird, I don't recognise myself in photos from then! Bizarre. Thanks for the lovely mention at the bottom of the post, so glad to be continuing :) XXX

Laila said...

I've had a fringe since forever as well. I grew them out for about a year when I was 18 but I just looked so weird, I don't recognise myself in photos from then! Bizarre. Thanks for the lovely mention at the bottom of the post, so glad to be continuing :) XXX

Anonymous said...

This has got to be the Hotest alley in St. Paul, ever. You are the most adorable woman I have seen in "The Twin Cities".

Anonymous said...

Christmas movies all month on the Hallmark channel. Enjoy!