Sunday, November 10, 2013


Dweeb. A word from my common vocabulary as a grade schooler has re-entered it in the past few months. I've cut out many more "nasty" words of name calling and, to fill this new void, have taken in some very silly, elementary ones instead. Dweeb is my favourite. I drop it constantly, mostly to my friends and usually to their faces. 

Example: A few months ago, my boyfriend comes home and says to me, "I just did something really stupid." I got concerned and said something like, "Uhmm...okay...what?" And he replies by telling me that he bought a few packs of World of Warcraft trading cards at Target. Not as stupid as I was thinking it would be, but still stupid for a 25 year old boy to be buying something like that when it will take him two hours of work to pay it off. So, instead of saying something like, "You stupid fuck up, don't you realize that you're completely broke and can barely even pay to keep gas in your car!" I just said, "You dweeb." And that was that. Using the word dweeb allows me to comment on a situation without getting too passionately involved in the issue, and instead of casting someone off as a loser or a fuck up, they're just a dweeb. Everyone wins because seriously, who isn't a dweeb at least like 10% of the time?

I found the sweatshirt at Topshop when I was in London this past June. I was meeting up with my former pastor and had arrived to Saint Paul's Cathedral early. Luckily, there was a Topshop right across the street from the tube station, so that was great. In addition to that, Topshop was having a sale. It was like the stars had all aligned.

I'm really excited about this outfit because I'm wearing a new skirt that I yearned for for months and finally splurged on (it was on sale!). I found in on Nasty Gal and holy they have beautiful things! I want to buy everything but my income is limited to mostly professional clothes and, unfortunately, not many things on Nasty Gal are oriented towards the career girl.

BUT this skirt is an exception. Because I've wanted it for so long and because it was on sale. Like fate! It's a tad big but that's probably mostly because my waist is two inches smaller than usual, so really, everything is too big for me right now. I've belted it and it has that paper bag skirt appeal to it now. I'm so excited to wear it out! It's also probably the shortest skirt I've worn for like two years now, so, you know...that's something. (I'm not really sure where I was going with that.)

p.s. Gaining weight is ending up to be very very difficult! I'm slurping those protein smoothies like no other, but not putting on anything. Does anyone have any tips? I want all of my clothes - including this skirt! - to fit properly again!

I don't have so many photos today. Yesterday, when I took these, was mighty gusty and I was freezing. My teeth were chattering and in most of the photos I just look 100% miserable. I'm already working to transition my wardrobe to fall - I'm wearing a scarf every day, I make sure there's a pair of gloves in every bag, and I'm beginning to break out the boots and wool socks. These boots here are my total faves and so I'll break them out happily but for the other, I'm not so sure yet.

Stay warm my friends! xx


Milex said...


Sonya Mann said...

Oh my goodness. Perfect outfit is perfect. I love the word "dweeb"--although I'm even fonder of "dork"--and that shiny skirt is lovely!

Susy Valencia said...

I use DORK a whole lot, but Dweeb has a certain ring to it. And that outfit is just cool. I must say I love the picture with you in a coat. Hope you get to the weight you want! I know the pain of not fitting into your skirts.

Jamie Rose said...

Hahaha I don't think I could replace my choice words for milder ones. Dweeb is one I've never used, but I enjoy it on your shirt! I'm basically in love with your incredibly awesome skirt though. Like, I want it in my life. It looks like something from Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century. It's awesome!

Anonymous said...

Chloe, This is such a great look. You are "Pretty in Pink". I love the boots with this skirt. You look fabulous, as always.

I am going to reply later on "How to put on weight". For know try to eat many small meals a day. Cut out proccesed foods like white sugar, bleached flour. Eat whole grains and lean protein.
I wish you all the best.

Anonymous said...

You have said that you are the offspring of hippies. You may be a Dead Head. (American Beauty) .
I went to the Bob Dylan concert 1978 at the St. Paul Civic Center, Halloween Night. Three tabs of acid. Unreal.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I wanted to say the "Times are a'changin again."

Anonymous said...

Chloe, I am so glad that you honer me by reposting my comments on your Twitter page as "Best comment ever?" You may be making fun of me, but I don't care.

Laura Whitman said...

This sweatshirt is just so adorable - I love how quirky it is!