Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Friendly Beasts

I've had this vest since I was 16. Maybe even before that. I bought it thinking that it was so cool and like super rock'n'roll. I was so convinced that I'd probably wear it all the time and just be the coolest kid on campus - the sort of thing I usually tell myself. I don't think I've worn this vest since here, in 2010, back when I also apparently wanted a Spirit Hood. Oh, the times they are a changin'.
Anyways, the vest is one of those ones where you can turn it inside out and wear it also, so that's what I did here. It kind of reminds me of a Muppet and now I wish that it was neon blue or something cool like that so that I could really embrace the Muppet in me. Speaking of Muppets, I cannot wait to watch The Muppet Christmas Carol this season. And Mickey's Christmas Carol. I have so much homework to do today so I'm going to try to plow through it and reward myself with some Christmas cartoons afterwards. I'm like so grown up and stuff.

Got this new jacket from Land's End. It is this one here in case I'm such a winter style inspiration that you feel compelled to go buy your own. It's mega warm and I wore it around the office on Friday because it was sort of like being swaddled in a massive quilted blanket. Heaven! Also very convenient when wearing skirts and you don't want ice cold air getting up between your legs. And, red with a furry hood which is beautiful and very Christmas-y.
Enough about the coat. Land's End isn't even paying me for this long love letter or anything.

I'm wearing a faux leather jumper that I got from Sway Chic and which is fab. I wore it shopping the other day and a boy in the store completely stopped in his tracks to freak out over how great it is. See? I'm going places. 
I made it a little more professional/bookish by wearing a button down under it cause you know I can never stop dressing for the office. It's like a sickness that is incurable. I must always dress like I'm moderately prepared for work. I belted it with a belt that came off some shorts from Nasty Gal so that the vest wasn't completely overpowering on my tiny frame. Oh, and Doc Martens because DUH.

I just realised that there's only two weeks of school left so life is wonderful and beautiful. I graduate from the twelfth (and then have a final after that, so, dumb) and then will be FREE. And unemployed. And crumbling under the weight of my student loans. But before those two weeks are up, I have two more papers to write and a big old project for my typography class because once upon a time I thought that it would be a really great, fun idea to take a typography class. As if I've ever enjoyed graphic design classes before.
Stay warm out there my friends! I've just about froze my bum off since it's like 18 degrees Fahrenheit out. Brrrrr! But soon there will be snow and it will be a winter wonderland and hot chocolate everyday! xx
p.s. I'd love to do a winter version of Summer of Sundresses. Any opinions on the type of fashion I should feature this time? I need creative input from you, the people who this is geared for!


Anonymous said...

I like your new parka, and think it would go great with the boots from that older vest post. I also love the Muppet Christmas Carol movie. Have fun Chloe!

Laila said...

Muppet Christmas Carol is such a classic - I've booked to see int in the cinema with James, can't wait. You look so great in those photos - fierce but ready for the office. Like an office rock star (is that s thing?) XXX

Ms. Megan said...

hehe! I love your 'Muppet' vest!! I wish it got cold enough here so I could don an amazing jacket like yours!!

Sonya Mann said...

That vest IS totes cool and rock 'n' roll--your younger self was right =P Also love the unexpected combination of clubby jumper + office wear. Aaand good luck with all your school work!

Jamie Rose said...

Man I'm so late seeing this post but I have to comment because you look so awesome. I've never seen a pinafore dress like that before. It's amazing! I love how you paired a classic striped button-down underneath it. I can definitely see why some guy stopped in his tracks to compliment you!

p.s. I hope you got through your finals in one piece. I'm sure I'll find out once I get through my long queue of blog posts I need to read! Congratulations on graduating!