Saturday, November 30, 2013

life lately.

Life lately. I have a week and a half left of school, then I graduate. I also have that long left of one of my internships. This semester flew by. I think back to the first week and it really doesn't even seem that long ago. 

I spent the weekend cleaning the house for spiders. I got a bite on my face and my eye socket bruised and swelled up. I'm allergic to spiders and I get bit frequently. I'm used to it. But on my face? That's enough. I spent Friday spraying the house with tea tree oil because I read they don't like the scent. I've begun getting Christmas decorations out. I've been listening to Christmas music for about 3 months now, but I can finally embrace the decorations and I've allowed myself to start watching the movies. Lately my life is full of bad Hallmark made-for-TV Christmas movies, hot chocolate, peppermint Joe-Joe's, and cuddling with boyfriend in the cold winter nights.

Life is beautiful. I'm trying to take things slow and to breathe. My undergrad career is almost over. I will savour the next two weeks - it's been a long journey and I've come so far. I spent part of my afternoon going through the blog and simplifying some of the tags I've used to organise posts. I got to look back at some blog posts from 2008, all the way back when I was 15. One can really change in five years.... I have some of my most embarrassing, awkward teenage phases blogged into the internet universe forever. But I enjoy looking back and laughing over what I was, feeling proud of what I have become. I have a deep connection to that 15, 16, 17 year old blogger. I'm not really her anymore, but she's a strong part of me, and I have a deep love for that person still. A love that I really didn't feel for myself at the time.

I already feel that so much change is in store for me in this coming year. But for now, I will sip my hot cocoa and appreciate all that I have in this moment.


Sonya Mann said...

Your photography is lovely. & I wish I'd kept the blog that I had when I was 15. It'd be great to look back and remember what I was thinking about and how I felt. . .

Anonymous said...

How come no one comments on your posts anymore? Sonya Mann dosent count as she posts on every blog she can find.
I love the fact that you talk about more than fasion on Your blog.
You also look great.

chloe said...

Hey anon, I love reading Sonya's comments! They're always sweet and personal. I guess I don't really care how many people comment, especially if all they're gonna say is "Check out my blog" I value comments that are personal and so if I only get one or two of those, that's better than 10 or 12 copy & paste comments.