Tuesday, November 4, 2008

ModCloth November

Since it's the school week & I'm forced to wear my drag uniform everyday, I haven't had much to blog about. But I was browsing ModCloth & came across some amazing items. ModCloth is the type of webstore where I love almost everything they stock, but I've never ordered anything because of the price or out of laziness. Since some of the items are truly notable pieces of art, I'll proceed to feature some. Now, please turn your attention to exhibit A:

I love cloche hats, especially this one! The feathers are amazing with the blue. I have a cloche hat but it is only white. Of course I got it vintage, so maybe an actual flapper once wore it which could be a plus, depending on how you look at it. Anyways, maybe this will be the next thing I buy? Just kidding. It' $134.
Hi, look at how cool this trench is! I don't have much to say actually. It's just very classy & reminds me of Amelia Earhart (who I used to have an unexplainable obsession with....I suppose because she represented woman power. I'm so not a feminist, though). These knee socks have bicycles on them! How amazing! I love the green, too, for some reason...even though I typically hate the colour green. I've been eyeing these for so long.
ModCloth has brilliant tights & shoes, too. They used to have these killer Le Petit Prince flats. I dreamed about those at night. Unfortunately they didn't come for my size 4 feet. Their blog ModLife also can be fairly interesting. They did a few segments on how to tie different types of scarves, once. Aw man, I gotta go do homework and cheer on Barack & Al Franken. I promise my blog will get more interesting in the future.


hazel said...

i really love modcloth as well. they have such nice things.

must suck having a uniform.

parker said...

1) those socks are amazing!!
2) that hat is gorgeous. i wish i had $134 too.
3) i'm from minnesota too! but new to the blog world...which is why mine kinda sucks.

WendyB said...

Beautiful hat.