Friday, November 21, 2008

we love the familiar because it's all we know

1. I've worn nothing of interest (aka my uniform) for the past 2 weeks.

2. I finished reading The Catcher in the Rye, which I adore, but kept realizing how similar Holden is to this character named Soren in a novel I'm writing. In fact, during class discussions I would be like "and S-Sor-S....uhhhhh...S-...gosh, what's his......Holden". It was very embarassing and made me feel like one of those spacey girls who are so far out there.

3. What is the current Yen to American dollar exchange rate?

4. I might go see Twilight tomorrow. I just don't really want to look like one of those obsessed fans who think it's the greatest book ever written. But I am curious. I very much liked the plot of the book, but the writing killed me. And so did the other 3 parts of the series.

5. My entire life has suddenly become focused on getting into this very prestigious boarding school I mentioned in my last blog. So please excuse me while I go fill out the insane amount of applications, schedule an interview, and both hand write & type two seperate essays.....just to even be considered as part of the 20% of applicants who are accepted. Good bye.

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hazel said...

holden's such an ass, i love him. and his hat.