Sunday, November 30, 2008

the things we did; a day in the life

Five Things I Did Today

1. Sneezed all over my keyboard and was too lazy to clean it off.
2. Sneezed all over my mirror. After reflecting on the gross-ness of not cleaning the keyboard, I cleaned the mirror.
3. Watched Love Actually for about the hundredth time & got a Bay City Roller's song stuck in my head. It is simeltaneously playing with an Electric Light Orchestra song.
4. At approximately 4:14 looked into the mirror and noticed that my white tee shirt was see through. Couldn't bother to change, though.
5. Employed my favourite French phrase "hyper cool" to describe the snow. It smells so lovely & looks very pretty out....

The Last 24 Hours in Numbers

-Movies watched: 3 (The Object of My Affection, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2, Love Actually)
-Hours spent playing the Sims 2: a pathetic & large number (addictive!)
-Chocolate covered almonds consumed: too many to count
-Blogs read: 12
-Boarding school application essays written: 0 out of 2


Isabel said...

Eek! math scares me.

coti said...

oh math i hate that so much!
s¡ well nice blog , i like you'r pictures! :)

Kadir said...

We all have our guilty pleasures--yours seems to be the sims, mine is Animal Crossing for DS...

Quietmilk said...