Monday, November 21, 2011

but I can live & breathe and see the sun in wintertime

Here is another segment of my 6-items-for-25-days experiment, which I've now ended. I took these photos a while ago and simply forgot to blog! I'm falling behind, it seems. Since these photos, it has now snowed and Minnesota is a lovely heaven of white and ice. I'm so happy, even if most people are not. Snow is a guarantee in Minnesota, I don't think we've ever had a winter without snow. But even so, with each new snowfall, people act like it's never snowed before and like winter is this entirely new concept which they've never heard of before. It's extremely bizarre to overhear conversations like this, but a certainty soon after the first snow.

This outfit was inspired by one of Rory's outfits in the first episode of Gilmore Girls. I cannot find a single screencap from this scene, but in it she's wearing a huge white sweater (her muumuu), black tights, and Doc Martens. I love some of the late '90s grunge fashions during the first season or two of the series, and this particular outfit I've always really liked. I watch this show a lot, and have probably seen it all the way through about 5 times at least, so get the picture...

I love this turtleneck, which I stole from my sister's closet, because it is so warm and the most ultimately cozy sweater I own. It doesn't quite live up to Rory's muumuu, but it's pretty comfortable and makes me feel safe, so it has the same idea to it, I guess. And of course these shorts are a staple and these boots are a new favourite, which I bought from DSW last month.

So I have a quick question for any of you who actually read this and don't just look at the photos (I know you're out there!!); do you think my style has dramatically changed since you began reading my blog? I had a comment on my last post that my style used to be so much better, and more original, but now I just look like all the other girls. I take everything that you guys write to heart, and I've been mulling this over for a while...just thinking about how my style has changed, and how I feel about it. I'll touch base with this more later but, doesn't everyone's style change over the years? And aren't we all influenced by what we see around us, including what other girls are wearing? It's never been my wish to look like everyone else, but maybe the commenter was right. How do you guys feel about your own style changes through the years?

Anyways, since I've now given you something to think about, and myself too, it's time to go! I don't have classes tomorrow, and only one on Wednesday, so I'll finally have time to relax and get some stuff checked off my to-do list. It's Thanksgiving on Thursday and then the mad rush of Christmas shopping begins! Anyone else working in a mall or in retail can feel my pain, I'm sure....But in the meantime, I can relax with my boy and watch movies. I think tonight might be "Pretty Woman" while he studies, hmmm. I can never get enough of Julia Roberts or the ninties!


marldance said...

I definitely think your style has changed, but I think it's changed because you've changed. It's still unique and I wouldn't say you look like everyone else. However it's not the same style that you used to have. I think it's normal for our style to evolve as we get older. When I was in middle school I wore the craziest punk rock outfits. Some might say that my style has gotten boring since then but I think that my style has just matured. There are still elements of that style in the way I dress now but it's been 8 years since I was in middle school and things were bound to change. I'd say the same thing about your style. You started this blog when you had just started high school and now you are in college. If you're style hadn't changed I'd be concerned. And the most important thing is that you like the way you dress. Other people liking it is just a nice bonus.

EXTRAordinary People said...

I love this look. I love the jumper and the shorts! Simple, but effective. <3

Anonymous said...

since i haven't been reading your blog long, i had to go back thru your posts and do some research!

it looks as though your style has definitely changed, but i wouldn't expect anything different. it's still unique, i just think you're a little more sassy now and i like it! you've been blogging since 2008, it's silly to think that you'd be wearing the exact same things. it's ok for your style to grow up with you. :)

ckjt1236 said...

I agree with marldance, when you get older your style does deff change. When I was in high school, (which was a huge 7 years already! Ahh) I never ever wore anything tight against my body other then what was laying around. But since I've gotten older I've grown to more of a fashionable person. I follow trends a little, but mainly what I think looks good on me. Like the tall riding boots everyone has been crazy wearing? I ride horses and I'd walk around all the time in those things, and people would be like "why the heck are you wearing those things for?" and now there the number one thing in everyones closet. Makes me upset but, wear what you want, do what you wanna do, and just be happy!

Lauren said...

You are completely fabulous and I adore your style.
I wish I could wear thigh highs like you. :(
<3 Lauren

Haus of Duzniak said...

I think you're style has matured , and I think you've really hit a stride with this sexy grunge wintery look. Have confidence in your style!

Erin said...

I LOVE your jumper!! (And your hair, but I always love your hair!)

DeNote said...

You style has changed. I like your style now too. I don't know if your style was better in the olden days but it was more varied. There were jeans, blazers, and dresses. Now it's the usual tshirt or long sleeve top, shorts, and pantyhose. I love your outfits where you give different silhouettes, like when you wear a long A line skirt or bell bottom jeans.

Samantha said...

I totally agree with the other comments about your style changing because you did, and that you most definitely do not dress like everyone else! The way you dress is far more interesting than most people I know (in a good way, of course).

I hope you have a lovely thanksgiving!


amy said...

Your style is beautiful. All dreamers and well-dressers are changers too. When you dress yourself everyday, every year in the same fashion, it gets boring.

Change is good!

sending you happy spells
hope to hear from you..x

Taylor said...

I've been reading your blog a while and I totally agree on the style changing thing. I mean, it's not bad, but I do think you dress a bit more "mainstream" as one would put than you used to. I see many shorts and tights, is there anything else?
I'm not trying to put you down, I freaking adore your blog. Just my simple opinion.

Meanz Chan (Koi Story) said...

I love that your styled this outfit after one of Rory's from Gilmore Girls! I think you look adorable, and I love those lace-up boots!

Burn That Dress said...

I never thought turtle necks could be so 'cool' but you have definitively proved me wrong. Yes, i too love Rory's style especially in the first few seasons.Although, I don't recall the specific outfit you were referring too...hmm, do I feel a legit reason to re-watch old episodes coming on? Oh, I think so.

I'm not sure how much your style has changed(seeing as I just recently became an avid reader), but I will say everyones style changes with age. I could give a whole explanation as to why we dress more 'appropriate' or 'mature' as we grow older in order to have more world mobility, but that's just such a long story.

Point is we all change and gradually take on new skin(quite literally if you think of skin cells), but somehow we always manage to put our spin on things and that right there, I think, that's what keeps us grounded through all this change. I mean, where would we be if we stayed in the same place our whole lives and never moved forward? It's funny how fashion can bring out my logical side. ^_^