Thursday, December 8, 2011

Better Off Dead

Hello! It's snowed! It snowed over the weekend (hmmm I took these photos a week ago, now you know...). It was so lush and beautiful. I hope we get more soon. Anyways, as I said, I took these photos a week ago, about the time that it was just started to snow, in the evening, and since then it has gotten so cold out! I don't know how many outfit posts I'll be doing this winter...

But here, I am wearing Cheap Monday acid wash skinnies, a sweater I found in the H&M sale section ($4!!), my winter boots from Khombu, and a new jacket that a co-worker gave me as a gift! It had been her's when she was younger, but she wanted to pass it on to someone who would wear it more. It is also the most wrinkly jacket that I own, now...

This outfit was inspired (entirely) by the '80s movie "Better Off Dead" starring my true love, John Cusack. It's such an off the wall movie and I definitely recommend it to all who have not seen it. You won't regret it! And whether you have or have not seen it, I've included some screencaps to aid with my demonstration of outfit inspiration:

Charles De Mar's hat is reminiscent of George Harrison's getup in "Help!" during the scene where they went skiing. I love Beth's matching jacket & hat, and Lane's down vest over the sweater is so lovely! Definitely something that I would wear....

Red ski pants!! I also love the teal jackets with the red-orange ski boots, and Lane's orange boots. If I knew skiing was such a fashionable sport, I would've gotten in on it long ago!

Red cardigan! Maybe I like this movie because it's set in the winter, so there're tons of chunky sweaters. It speaks to my frozen Minnesotan heart.

Monique's curly hair is so cute! I wish my curls were more kinky. I love the headband with her curls sticking out. I've never seen anyone look cute in one of these headbands...

And if you're wondering what to wear for Christmas...! Ricky's outfits in this movie are ridiculous. So many crazy patterned pants and tops! I love it so much! His wack-o mom is the same way... (All screencaps from here because my DVD wasn't working for some reason)

Anyways, back to the outfit! A couple of weeks ago I asked what you guys thought about the evolution of my style. Surprisingly, I got really great responses (I honestly didn't think that people usually read what I I'll be more careful about what I ramble on about)! As I got dressed the other day when I wore this outfit, I was thinking to myself about how I used to wear acid wash a lot a lot a lot, which reminded me that I hadn't yet responded to the lovely comments I'd gotten.

So, I'm here to say thanks for all the feedback to my question. It was great to hear that you guys thought that it was totally normal to have such style evolution. When I started this blog in 2008 (as a sophmore in high school, I believe), the purpose was to "find" my style. I've experimented with some much: menswear, neon, colour blocking, skinny jeans, graphic tees, suspenders, ugly sweaters, the list is never-ending and, at times, extremely embarassing, but I documented it all and it's here forever now. It's been in the past year or so that I've really grown comfortable with my style and have had a strong feeling for what is "me" and what isn't. This is a good thing...I've grown a lot since I started the blog. I started college, I got a job, I've gone through numerous boyfriends and have developed friendships with great people, and lost friendships with others. It's all a part of growing up, isn't it? And if I still wore the same things as I did at 15, that would not be good! As one person commented, she'd be concerned if my style had not matured with me.

But, to grow on this, someone also commented on the fact that my style was more varied back in the day, and that they really liked it when I mixed it up more. So, as the new year is about to start and whatnot, my new style resolution is to mix it up more! I know what I like and what I don't like, but there's a lot out there that I like, but just haven't tried. So there's my style resolution, and let's see what I make of it!

In the meantime, as I said, it's really awfully cold outside and I don't know how long I can stand around taking photos in it for. So no more outfit posts are planned, but don't worry, I still have a lot to come for December! Hang in there babies and stay warm!


Charlotte. said...

i LOVE john cusack! this looks like such a good christmassy film!
i know how you feel about style evolution, i dress completely differentlt to how i did at 14, thank god!

Lovelyladyjb said...

this movie is a classic.

love the look. it gets so cold here in mn, way to stay stylish

new follower

Jamie Rose said...

I never hear of people knowing about Better Off Dead! I love that movie so so much! I feel like my family quotes it all the time. Especially the part with all the "fraaahhnch bread" and "fraaahhnch fries".
This outfit is definitely reminiscent of that movie and I love it. So wintery and cute!

Lewis Cox said...

really nice :) winter is awesome!

Mallory said...

This is my first time on your blog, so I can't comment to your style evolution, but this outfit is super cute! AND you totally have me wanting to search Netflix to see if Better Off Dead is available for instant streaming. Somehow I've missed out on that one, although I LOVE a good 80s movie!

$nap$hot said...

Yep, Charles De Mar's (awseome name) hat is JUST like George's from "Help!" which is also an equally great movie (if not for the story, then for the music).

Ever since I've watched Better Off Dead, I've been kinda obsessed with top hats. Every time I see one, I'm like "Gimme! Gimme! Gimmie!"

I guess he brings an awesome style to it. Kinda weird for a guy. especially for a guy like him.... hehe

So... yeah, Charles De Mar is my favorite character in this movie.

btw, what is a screencap and how does it work? How do I use one?