Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas, Baby!

Merry Christmas, Babies! I hope everyone had a fantastic day filled with lots of love, joy, laughter, good company, and good food. The holidays are such a fantastic time of year and a wonderful celebration of the coming of the Christian saviour. Even if you don't celebrate the traditional Christmas holiday, or even if you don't celebrate Christmas at all, it's still a wonderful time of year to be with family and friends.

Fitz & the Tantrums - Santa Stole My Lady

This was my Santa Girl outfit! I made the skirt last spring to wear to the opera, and decided to re-hem it this weekend because the hem was crooked and very badly sewn. The number one issue with the crushed velvet fabric is that it's curly! So the hem ended up rolling and, though it's even & discreet, it's much much much too short to be comfortably worn. Bah, humbug! It ends up flashing my garters far too much and in the wind it's an absolute catastrophe & very reminiscent of Marilyn.

So we didn't get a white Christmas, but it was lovely anyways! I'll hopefully do a better round up of it later, but I wanted to get out these photos of what I wore before the Holiday was too far past. This outfit was inspired by an Harley Davidson Santa that my father used to own. I wore this leather vest and black booties to toughen it all up and make is more me-ish. Hmmm, me-ish, Chloe-ish, those are terms I tend to use a lot! But I really don't have a better way of describing's my personality in the outfit! I wore this today, for Christmas with my family, and also last night for the Christmas Eve service at church and for a party at my boyfriend's auntie's house. One of my favourite parts of the Holiday season is all parties and the family, and being welcomed no matter who you are. Another favourite part (besides the birth and blessed miracle of the Baby Jesus) would be Santa Claus!

I was babysitting(!) three kids the other weekend. We hunkered down to watch Christmas movies and make cards, and while the two youngest were changing into their pajamas, the 11-year-old and I had an heart to heart about Old Saint Nick. He confided in me that he stilled pretended to believe in Santa, which is such a wonderful thing. I do, too. I believe in the spirit of Santa and in the wonderful symbol of Christmas that he is. I believe in the hope and cheer he inspires in young children and adults alike. I expressed this to the older boy I was "babysitting," much to his agreeance and we both kept it a little secret as the true believers stumbled back downstairs in their footie pajamas.

I hope that everyone reading this, no matter what faith you are, have a wonderful holiday season and that peace and warmth are with you and your loved ones.


Amber Rose, Laughing With Broken Eyes said...

We didn't have a white Christmas either, though I honestly can't complain. I'm the biggest pansy about doing anything in the cold.

Merry Christmas, you bombshell you.

Em said...

cute outfit, i'm always too lazy around the holidays to dress festively! but i was wondering, have you looked into the history behind christmas? i see all of these "Happy Birthday Jesus"s and am kind of appalled that people actually associate Christmas with Jesus being born. "Christmas" was a pagan celebration of the winter solstice--and not called Christmas--but then when the Christians defeated Britain, the holiday somehow became a celebration of Jesus. There's also the biblical "proof" that Jesus was born either in the fall or spring, not winter, because there is a passage about razing the fields--which doesn't happen in the winter--during Jesus's birth.
sorry this was so longwinded! i'm not trying to argue with you or anything, just wondering if you were aware of the discrepancies.

Gray Lavender said...

Christmas is such a great time of the year :D the lights and the feeling on the air is lovely + great outfit! That skirt is truly gorgeous :)
following you on Bloglovin & Google Friend Connect

Chris said...

Sassy Christmas. ;D

Bad Taste Toast said...

Aw you look so cuuute in this red velvet skirt, it's the perfect dose of Christmas in this outfit! Great combo with the shirt and vest!

mathilde said...

I really like your skirt, how did you make it?

Lucy, Dear Fish said...

I love that skirt! You look like a little elf, it's so cute!