Thursday, September 6, 2012

All-American Boy

I am never again trusting the weatherman. Or at least not the weatherman on the radio. As I left for campus today, I heard reports of it being sunny and 82°F. I panicked, remembering my first day back at campus (Tuesday) when it was a similar temperature and I sweated through my shirt just by walking to the bus stop. I decided to dress smart and wear shorts and a lightweight shirt. But ye gods! Was the weatherman wrong or what! It was mostly overcast all day and I had goosebumps all over. I sat in class curled up in my desk, trying to keep warm by clenching my arms around my legs. As soon as I got home, I slipped into something more weather appropriate....meaning this!
A few weeks ago when I went "thrifting" (I feel like such a hipster loser by saying that) with my friend Carrie, we had an in depth conversation about high-waisted, or "mom", jeans. It concluded with her trying some on and making ridiculously hilarious poses in them and me declaring that I absolutely needed a pair to fulfill my desire of looking like a complete dork. Desire, fulfilled. Little did I know, mom jeans are supremely comfy and are now my favourite thing to wear. I absolutely never want to take them off! And since I am not currently wishing to be found "attractive" or "sexy" to the opposite sex (or either sex, for that matter), they are even more of a perfect fit.
Speaking of perfect fits: my shirt! The Democratic National Convention has been on for the past few nights, which has meant that instead of doing homework, I've been glued to the TV screen (that rarely happens!) soaking in every word of every speech. Tonight, Barack Obama is going to accept the nomination for President and I can barely contain my excitement. Everything that man says is wonderful and gives me tremendous hope for the future of America.
Whenever I wear this shirt, or sport my backpack which is loaded with Obama pins, I get compliments on them, and I'm always particular about complimenting people for the same thing. I think it's wonderful that a) I live in a country where we have the privilege of electing a leader and b) people can still realise all that Obama truly has done since his election in 2008. My life, and the life of my family, is so much better thanks to that man and all the others who are fighting for my rights as a woman, as a college student, as a middle-class individual. I am so blessed, and hope to be blessed for another 4 years. I will probably get on my soapbox about this again, but if you are an American citizen, I sincerely hope that you learn about both candidates and get out there on November 6th and exercise your rights as a citizen....
Check out the video below to learn about what America's 44th President has done for you:
I threw on a hat, some flannel, and Converse All-Stars to complete my all-American look. Now that my hair is longer, I can wear hats without being mistaken for a little boy - hoorah! Also, isn't it remarkable that I've continued to hold onto this flannel shirt? I found it a few years ago in the kids sale section at Land's End...and it appeared on the blog for the first time in November, 2009. I used to wear it a lot, remember? Someone recently referred to me as "that girl who wears flannel and stands in front of garages." Hmmm, pretty accurate you clever girl. Pretty clever.
Anyways, time to run off. I do have to get some homework done before Biden gives his speech, and most certainly before Obama gives his. Excitement will be through the roof! Keep cool, my friends, and wear mom jeans. xx


Ginela Gonzalez said...

Hey there awesome lady! I have been following you on blogger but I don't usually comment as much because I am just in awe of your clever post writing and ever diverse and unique outfits, I just couldn't up the courage to post a comment, but at least I have today!
I think you have a lovely blog and a true talent for putting outfits together. Thanks for the Obama video link.

Have a good week at school!
Peace & love and good luck!

K. Cruz said...

I just watched Obama's speech, it was so inspiring! I love this post and your outfit, totally digging the mom jeans haha. I couldn't follow you so I just liked you on Facebook :)

Meli said...

YAY OBAMA! I like the mom jeans, too. I have a pair of mom shorts (my mom actually has the same pair) that I wear constantly. So comfortable!

Anonymous said...

So this has nothing to do with this specific post, but i wanted to let you know i recently saw ( ) this floating around pinterest, then tracked it to tumblr, then to the sartorialist, because i SWORE that it was you. i thought for sure i'd end up at your blog. unless you've travelled to NY recently i don't think it is, but maybe there is a new outfit inspo!

Anonymous said...

You're freaking adorable. How do you do it. And now everytime I see a fav piece of art, I wonder if you like it too...haha.

<3 Cambria