Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Summer of Sundresses! Part Two.

Cambria of Jupe | Twin Cities, Minnesota | "My favourite summer activity is downtown Minneapolis dates with my man. We like to get dressed dapper and snazzy, head down to the Stonearch Bridge and walk around, take some fun photos, stop at a new cafe or restaurant and share apps/drinks. Makes for enjoyment of the great weather, a chance to be lookin' dandy together, and some great conversation time :)"

Carrie of Carrie Ann's Bloggin' Life | Bloomington, Minnesota | "I'd say walking my dog, but I also love swimming and eating Ice Cream!"

 Harmony of My Cells, Fleet | Oakland, California | "I enjoy sitting on the deck in the sunshine with my phonograph by my side and going to the park with this beautiful dog named Rolo, pictured."

Hope | South East England | "Having some whiskey out in the garden on a warm evening with my best friends."

Rachel of Floral Prints & Common Sense | South Carolina | "My favorite thing about summer is sleeping in!"

Safiya of What It Says on the Tin | England | "My favorite summer activity has got to be long walks and picnics. Though the weather is pretty crappy where I live so its always best to take an umbrella, haha."
And thus concludes the Summer of Sundresses! Thanks so much to everyone who sent in their photo and their story. I loved recieving them all and being able to feature them here on Urban Tease. I'll have to think of some clever little thing for winter...Winter of Wellies? Hmmm. If you want to see more great sundress looks, check back on Part One of the Summer of Sundresses! xx


Priya said...

Chloe, I love this feature so much that I wanted to do it twice (but I wasn't sure if that was allowed). Cute cute girls though, and great idea! It was a nice farewell to summer :( and if you did a Winter version, I would TOTALLY participate, I've got some bright yellow wellies dying to be worn!

perfectly priya

Carrie A. said...

I love everyones dresses!!

Anonymous said...

Chloe! Chloe! I couldn't believe it when I read your comment on my recent post...that painting you linked to me IS MY FAVOURITE PAINTING at MIA!!! What are the chances, seriously. I'm feeling like we have a kinship here.

And thanks soooooooo much for your feature, love being part of your fab blog :)

<3 Cambria

Rachel Sullivan said...

Cool, thanks! I love seeing everyone's different dresses!


Nancie said...

love the dresss...

Evangeline Michelle said...

This is such a lovely post! What wonderful dresses!

SafiyaMarie said...

Thanks for featuring me :) I reckon winter of wellies sounds awesome. How about Christmas jumpers? or hats? The list is endless, haha :)