Wednesday, September 26, 2012

How I love ya, my dear old Swanee

Oh autumn, I do love dressing for you! I've been feeling rather liberated about style lately and have been wearing a lot of stuff that is (I suppose) a bit reminiscent of my style a few years ago...but perhaps more refined. I've been wearing pants again (yikes!) and I've been playing a lot with colours and patterns, which you may be able to tell a bit from the past few posts.
This outfit (from Tuesday, ye Gods!) is a good example of this new style freedom. To be boring and break it down for you: a bit funky with the Doc Martens and this garage sale '90s-era dress which is cut from really weird fabric (it's sort of like a super-thin suede), but then pulled together with my Marilyn Monroe cardigan and a red belt. The tights add some texture and the jacket, some edge. Wow guys, wasn't that exciting?!
Despite this being a "fashion" or "personal style" blog, I'm pretty sure that I make talking about either of the two super extra boring. I'm much better talking about my emotions, how much boys drive me crazy, and what a drag school is. I guess I'm just a hormonal teenager! Don't like it? Then get the fuck out.
I kid, I kid.
These tights are from Target (on sale for $7) and I am in love with them. When I picked them up, I turned to my friend and said, "Totally trashy or just trashy enough?" We both decided that I could probably pull them off in some not so trashy way and ta-da!
Looking at this outfit as I type all of this out, I'm getting some weird sort of Grease vibes. It's almost like a mixture between Sandy's "good" side and "bad" side. I mean, she could totally woop ass in these shoes and the jacket is pretty tough, but then there's a cardigan and a flippy skirt. I'm actually pretty proud of this ensemble, considering that I was uncertain of it all day that I wore it for (that happens when I throw things together in 2 minutes while rushing for the bus).
Speaking of the bus, the hipster bus driver today gave me the creepiest hipster 'stache smile. I hesitated before getting on and then just thought, "Fuck it! I'm not gonna wait for the next one!" I then went and sat down, wearing acid wash, listening to The Kooks and reading some French existentialist novel. I am so hipster. I suppose I deserved the creepy hipster 'stache smile.
I'm trying really super hard to stay focused in school and pretend like it still matters. Truth is, I'm sick of my university. This is my fourth year there now and looking back, I really mostly have bad memories from it. There are a few good ones, ones that I can count on maybe one hand, but mostly I just have really horrible memories of that campus. I'd really like to transfer but it would set me way behind. So instead I'm focusing on creating some better memories and finding new hideout places that don't make me think of past people and past occurences.
My classes are also a drag. I absolutely cannot keep awake for any of them and I'm way behind on the reading. All I do is read for them, I swear! Since reading gives me a headache, it's super problematic and I just cannot get ahead. I've spent hardly any time the past couple of weeks doing anything but homework and I'm going crazy! I just want to sew or watch a movie all the way through or read something that isn't a textbook or some nutso French novel.
On the bright side: only 10 more weeks left!
Not to constantly switch topics or anything, but this sweater! I'm crazy about it. I picked it up in London, summer 2011. I never wear it though because it's white and I really don't wear much white. It's too innocent and pure for my liking.
Aaaaand....that's a joke!
Seriously, I need to quit blogging and just go do my homework already.
I'll be back soon, hopefully with some funnier jokes and more compelling outfit commmentary. I swear, all these French existentialist novels are really dulling me down.


Jamie Rose said...

I share your sentiments about school work right now. I should have been reading all week so far, but I've been procrastinating so bad because I'm sick of reading for my classes! I guess that's what grad school is, but I'm over it. I just want to watch movies and read books I actually want to read. I guess I'll get a break in December though!

Also, I love this outfit! Your tights are definitely super cool and I'm loving your Monroe cardigan. Such a unique print! And I want a jacket like yours so badly. I'm on the lookout!

Carrie A. said...

OMG I just bought those tights from goodwill donated there from target! LOL! Great minds think alike!

I also was like, "what the heck would I wear with these to NOT look slutty?" Well now I know someone else is thinking the same thing as me, and now I gots an idea on what I would wear with them with :)

Jayme said...

You have smitten me with your "look".
And by the way, I have those tights too.....
and being a guy, I could never qualify as slutty now could I?
I love them...... wear them with cut off denim shorts.........
and clunky shoes similar to yours......

Sushi said...

Oh love your hair in this post, it looks so lovely x Sushi

Jayme said...


a pic of me...... my hair is in a dutch braid........

Love your look sooooo much

I want your bangs


irene wibowo said...

love this style. :)
Irene Wibowo