Thursday, January 17, 2013

16 January 2013

I bet that, during these brief blogging absences, you guys go nuts wondering about my current thoughts on life and style and weather and society and feminism. I bet you can't even sleep at night. But don't worry! I am here, and boy, do I have thoughts or what!
To start with, these photos are from yesterday, hence the aptly titled post of "16 January 2013." It was slightly above freezing so I decided to chance my skin out in the snow and slight cold. Before leaving, I had been wearing some fancy black leather wedges, but then I paused and thought to myself, "You know, this is a blog of absolutely authenticity. When I leave the house later today [which I actually didn't end up doing because I'm a loser who'd rather stay in, paint with water colours, eat ice cream, and watch Twin Peaks] I will definitely be wearing practical winter boots." Nothing bugs me more than when I see so-called style bloggers or people on fashion sites wearing Jeffrey Campbell Litas or something of similar style out in the snow and ice. I think, "You loser, you probably wore those for 5 minutes and then switched into dorky snow boots so you didn't crack your head open." Don't worry guys, I am 100% authentic. So I took photos in dorky snow boots. (On the bright side - warm feet for photos & fiddling with camera!)
So there's my first rant for this blog post! Second: I wore this cape yesterday (the only Forever 21 item I own), which I don't wear much because when I bought it and was so in love with it, my fuckwit rubbish boyfriend at the time criticised me for it. This was at a time when I actually cared what boys (or anyone) thought about me, so I shoved it into the back of my closet for a couple of years and got sad whenever it found its way out. So now I'm wearing it again, and if boyfriend doesn't like it then, well...who cares. I don't care what boyfriend wears. He shouldn't care what I wear. (Side note: I totally would care if he wore something horribly offensive, like an "I Enjoy Vagina" Coca-Cola knock off t-shirt. Those hurt my little feminist soul.)
I was so excited about this post that I completely forgot what else I was going to say! Well, tomorrow is our last day of above freezing weather for a while...actually our last day of above 0 degrees (Farenheit) for a while! Monday puts us into -5 and frigid temps for a week. I am celebrating by being my usual badass self, calling out of work, and going to the zoo. Come on, a 45 degree high? You just don't get that in January! I also haven't seen those polar bears since July.
Anyways, boyfriend should be arriving any moment, so I better go get cute and prepare to continue with Twin Peaks! We started it on Monday and have been watching every night since. We're obsessed. Stay warm kiddies xx


Anonymous said...

Great show! I hope those leggings are warm :D

Milex said...

Be my girlfriend, please.

The Party Chief. said...

You talk so much about being a feminist and a Christian but I can't help feeling that your attitude towards men can be a little hostile sometimes?
In any case you look fantastic and I love your boldness in style and

Keit said...

Phahaha, I always wondered how do people walked on litas... now I know :-D
Blah, boyfriend, doesn't like a lot of my clothes, but he likes a lot of uglyyyy stuff, so I don't mind :-)
You look superb, love the hoodie :-P

Alaina M. said...

ugh, those i enjoy vagina shirts are the worst. I saw some dude wearing one at Chipotle and his girlfriend was on his arm all proud and shit. I can't even imagine!!!

Handbags and Purses said...

Sexy look. Love the tights.

Kati said...

Love that cape-like jumper!


Fragile Bird said...

Beautiful look and amazing pictures, you must be absolutely freezing though, still pretty :)

Please come and check out my latest post if you have a few minutes spare :)



Lola Wrenn said...

i hate it when someone shames you into abandoning something you thought was really cool. but it makes the return of said something that much more triumphant once you realize the fuckwitery behind such bias.

i have a couple pieces that have been similarly banished to the back of the wardrobe due to someone else's irrelevant and/or rude opinion, but rediscovering them and the quiet sense of "fuck you, this is fabulous" is amazing.

boyfriend be-damned, girl. you got class.