Saturday, January 5, 2013

tunnels + New Year's Resolution!

It's hard to believe that this is my first update for 2013. The year has hardly begun and it's already had its ups and downs. I have two reasons for not updating. One being that work has been crazy and I've been getting 40 hours (the next couple of weeks are different, and I see some blog time in the future!). The other reason is that a boy officially has the title of Chloe's Boyfriend, and thus, I've been spending time with the boy with that lucky, lucky title.
This goes hand in hand with one of my resolutions. I hate calling it a resolution. It's more like a promise to myself... I haven't had that many previous relationships because I really just am not relationship girl. I like dating around, I like having variety. I throw away boys like disposable napkins - which is to say, they don't last long. So my "resolution" of sorts is composed of two promises. The first being, I will cut out all the stupid excuses I make to not commit. I will not have such stupid, fluff priorities or expectations in those I date (e.g. must be at least 6'2", must own a car, must be 8+ years older, etc). I will not continue to tell myself that I don't need a man companion and that I find enough companionship in myself (I don't know if this is necessarily untrue, but it's a stupid reason to cheat yourself out of love). The second part of this promise is that I won't become boyfriend centric once one comes along (which one has!). After my past 3 relationships, I have spent the months following trying to catch up with all the friends I ignored, saving up money I spent or did not make, and trying to get my GPA back up to its former glory, all of which is a result of my stupid (and fruitless) dedication to previous boyfriend/worthless schmuck.
I didn't expect to be putting this "resolution" to the test so soon in 2013, but I am and so far, so good.
I'm pretty sure that every year I also make the promise to myself that I will not take myself too seriously, especially over stupid things. I hate cheating myself out of fun because I'm too worried over what people think about me. Because of this little promise, I always start the year off by dressing really fun and however I want. I haven't done an outfit retrospective yet, but 2012 was fun. I didn't take my outfits too seriously and tried new things. I think 2013 will be even better!
Today was fun. I got this jumper in the mail from Fancy Treehouse and wanted to wear it! I like the juxtaposition of florals against the snow in winter. I layered it with my H&M kids Batman sweater and belted it with a belt I found at Blacklist Vintage. Oh, and then my usual fuzzy cardigan went on top, along with cheetah print tights from Target and boots from ModCloth. Oh, and one of my four knit hats. I don't know how I've been living in Minnesota for so long but hardly have any winter hats.
I look like a 5 year old, but oh well. At least I don't talk like one!
Today was my first day free of boyfriend or work, so I spent it catching up with an old friend from high school, drinking coffee in the back of a coffee shop that only employs stupid, pompous, greasy 20-something boys. I swear, I avoid that place because of how obnoxious all the employees are. I always walk in there happy and friendly, and they treat you like you're so much more below them because you have clean hair and are not wearing an obscure band tee shirt. All that aside, it was nice to catch up with an old schoolmate. Wait, wait - is this my "resolution" already being successful? Yes, I think it is.
I also stocked up on toiletries for 2013. I better not need any more lotion, deodorant, conditioner, or mascara for the rest of the year.
Tomorrow I'm going ice skating with my friend Carrie and her boyfriend...oh and my boyfriend. How weird! I keep forgetting I have one! It's also nice that he seems open to the prospect of double dates. The last one was fully opposed to mingling with any of my friends (he seemed to believe that he was better than any of them). I'll try to remember to bring a camera for photos - ice skating is such fun! I'm going to wear a dress so that when I twirl around, the skirt will fly out and I'll get to pretend I'm an Olympic skater and each skirt-twirling gets me closer to the gold! Take care & stay warm xx


Lauren said...

Yay im so happy for you!!! see you this falllll

Love lauren~

Keit said...

I think a lot of people avoid relationships, mostly because of their previous sucky relationships. But if they find someone worth it all, they stick with him, and I'm very happy you did ^_^ But enjoying your own company,without any boyfriends is a quality not many people have, so kuddos for that too :-)
Oh yeah, coffee shop employes, so rude and miserable, and evil. We have the same problem here, the only thing worse are the cab drivers.
How cool is that batman sweater, love that you paired it with that girly dress!