Monday, January 28, 2013

winter rose

After suffering a week of arctic conditions which required long underwear, jeans, multiple sweaters, gloves and mittens, wool socks, a hat, etc. Minnesota has finally broken above zero and even got some snow! It started pelting down yesterday after church in huge fat pieces of ice before the temperature settled right below freezing and the ice turned into wonderful, fluffy flakes. Ah, this is what I like about winter. The -24°F windchill, no thanks! But I'll take right around freezing with snow. In celebration, I wore stockings, a skirt, and only one sweater! That hasn't happened in a bit. I also got to wear my new, lightweight jacket:
I picked up the jacket from the second hand shop a few weeks ago. Banana Republic for something like $7! What a steal. It's divine - masculine, well tailored, and rather sleek. I feel rather French and laid-back-chic when I wear it.
The skirt is something I scooped up from ModCloth a few months ago in the sale section, thinking that it would be perfect for winter months. The sweater is Eddie Bauer and the shoes are Steve Madden. Oh, I'm also carrying my camera bag here (of which the zipper pulls all broke off and I am now using bobby pins).
It's been a long time since I've blogged. I feel like the beginning of the year is always unsettling and about making all these new adjustments, balancing new things. I'd apologise, but I also feel like I don't need to apologise for living life and trying to adjust to all these new bumps along the way. Some things are good, some things are tough and need to be worked through.
I did discover one rather happy little piece today - I can graduate next Fall! After adding up my credits and seeing what I still need, I realised that I need roughly 21 more credits. I have my fingers crossed to go on a study abroad trip to Paris for May Term where I can study Gothic Architecture and knock off 4 credits of my design minor, which would put me down to just 17 credits for the Fall semester! I know it won't exactly be a fun semester, since I'd be looking at pulling a load between 17 - 20 credits, but it would be worth it not to have to do spring semester.
Since I am ecstatic about this and very excited to finally see an end to my days at uni in sight, I created a list of some "goals" for 2013. Among them:
1) Sew a quilt
2) Learn to drive/obtain license
3) Find a new job
4) Read all of Fitzgerald's full-length works
I imagine that more will be added to that list in the coming months! The above were things that I planned to do in 2014 (esp. learn to drive and find a new job) but since I now realise that a 2013 grad date might be in sight, I should get a start on them now! I love having direction in my life. But now, I must focus on university...and the 17 credits that I've just started there for this semester!
Momo is terribly sick and not eating much. He's going to the vet this week to get scoped but since his protein levels are so low, they're worried that there might be complications. Please keep my little baby in your prayers! I can't even fathom how awful it would be for anything to happen. He's been there for me since I was 10. He's my best companion.
Keep warm loves xx


Julia Topaz said...

Sending good vibes your way for Momo!

My beagle, Ivy (RIP, love of my life!), was sick for a long while, and I know how hard it can be when they're not feeling well. You just want to do everything you can, and you wish they could tell you what they need. I'm praying for Momo, I feel like he'll pull through because he's obviously very loved.

Bright said...

Oh no, I hope everything is okay for Momo. All my good vibes are being sent your way.

I've been doing an epic Fitzgerald re-read since I got one of the beautiful art deco hardback editions of Flappers and Philosophers. It was too pretty not to read immediately.

P.S. you are very brave to wear so little on your legs in that cold!

Priya said...

The snow is beautiful, I'm sure it's a pain sometimes too. One things for sure, I should stop complaining about the "cold" here in Nashville! I can't imagine being in your temperatures! I love that skirt, your curls are awesome, and I'm cheering with you that you're almost done with school, I'm counting down my days too!

perfectly priya

Anonymous said...

I'll be thinking of Momo :( You look lovely and cosy in your jumper. It's been snowy here in the UK too, and I'm always wearing millions of layers. Good luck in your aims! I'm graduating this summer too and I'm terrified. xx

Keit said...

Heeey, congrats on the graduation ^_^
I adore this outfit! The cozy top with that vintage skirt and man oh man, so jealous of your gorgeous jacket.
I hope your puppy will be okay, crossing fingers!

Cassandra Hofschulte said...

I love the outfit and it gives me ideas for winter. I hope Momo gets better soon.

Anonymous said...

I'm totally jealous of this Modcloth's even cuter in real life! You should submit your photo to get published on their site, you look fantastic! I think this is another of your outfits that reminds me of Grease...50s, but hardcore. It's darling.

<3 Cambria

Lola Wrenn said...

so sorry to hear your little man is under the weather. he still manages to be incredibly photogenic though. keeping my fingers crossed he makes a swift recovery.

congrats on the good news with your school too! my roommate just got similar news and has been bouncing around like a maniac, making all these plans for all the free time she's going to have next year.


Rachel Lynne said...

Gorgeous skirt! Love it paired with a sweater!

Handbags and Purses said...

What n amazing look. So hot. Love the boots and tights.

Jamie Rose said...

Aww I hope Momo feels better soon. My dog has been having a hard time lately too. It's awful to see your pet age.

Oh a happier note, I really love your skirt and your new jacket. You wear the scrunched socks and boots so perfectly too!

Jeffus said...

Just wanted to follow up after reading your latest blog about "Going back Home." How is "Momo" doing? Hope they wee able to figure out what's going on and that he is back to his usual self. Anyway, hope all is well and thanks as always for sharing insight and wisdom and for opening up.