Thursday, April 18, 2013

inner outer

Well, I took these photos yesterday afternoon before class, dressed completely wrong for the weather and trying to combat the wind while wearing a short skirt. (And while having long hair -what a nuisance!) There haven't been many mild weather days lately, so I thought I should grab my chance while there was one, and wear a skirt. When I say mild, I actually mean about 34°F but hey, you take what you can get. Today it started off raining, then quickly turned to hale, and now we have a few inches of snow on the ground. The hale was the worst, though. I was walking across campus and having these sharp little pieces of ice cutting my cheeks up. It stung so badly. Spring! You evil, evil creature, you...
So anyways, yesterday. I had forgotten about this skirt I found in the kid's section of Zara, so I decided to whip it out again. The Star Wars tee seemed like a must and the rest sort of fell into place after that. I was warm and cozy on top, at the very least. When I got to campus, my geology lab had this awful activity where we had to stomp around campus examining the outside of buildings. It was horrid and I felt like a little college kid icicle by the time we finished. An icicle clad in fuzzy sweater and saddle shoes, that is.
I found this tee shirt last summer in the $5 rack of the little boy's section at Target. It was a few days before I was going to Guatemala so I was on the hunt for cheap clothes that I could bang up. I had just (stupidly) rid my closet of cheap tees, so I decided to go for it. It's sooo cool though, huh? Every time I wear it, I want to have a Star Wars marathon. I have not seen those movies since early high school. Shhhhhhh.
In fact, the leopard print sweater, yummy turquoise socks, and stockings are also from Target. I am just reppin' Target with this outfit, obviously.
Sorry for all the repetitive photos. I took a gazillion because I was absolutely convinced that none of them were coming out thanks to the awful weather and perpetual scowl on my face. As it turns out, every single one of them turned out fine (or as fine as my face can get - ha!). I was also trying out a new hair style since my hair has been real flat lately. I switched up the part and went to bed, and when I woke up it looked like this rat's nest you see here. I'm also attempting to grow out the bangs so, yeah, that's another thing I now have to contend with.
Anyways, since I'm super egotistical this entire post had ended up being about me. Oh, and the weather, I guess. Which is ridiculous, and pretty boring. I feel like the American news has been so devastating lately, I just need to be not serious about things for a bit. Not to mention the horrid weather and impending finals. I got into some stupid debate (on Facebook, dammit!) about why Obama shouldn't have to prove he's American-born and why the entire outrage over his birthplace is clearly linked to his race, and now I'm in a rotten mood over it. Politics doesn't usually put me in a bad place, but I hate when opponents of Obama say that his race has nothing to do with why they think he's uneducated and unfit to run this country. Pleeeaaase. A post-racial America is an ignorant America. Okay, now I'm soapboxing and scaring everyone away. Let's just keep talking about me.
So, for some reason I finally got around to making the blog as Twitter account. Follow here! I have no idea how Twitter works, or what the purpose of it even is, but I was long overdue on jumping on the bandwagon. We'll see how this goes!
Okay, well I'm off to be a student and do student-y stuff. Keep warm and keep hoping for springtime, friends! xx


Milex said...

your sense of style is impressing.

Susy Valencia said...

I kinda feel bad now since I'm having these amazing sunny days and I'm spending them inside instead of enjoying them. But I am thankful you are providing me with something normal and not heavy-news. Sometimes that's what a person needs.


Abby said...

Man your hair looks so pretty here!! I also have curly hair, but it's super super tight curls so my hair doesn't look like it's very long at all (even though it is). I can't wait until my hair is (looks) as long as yours!

Vera said...

Woah! You look so stunning! I love every detail of this cosy outfit :) And I,m also impressed by how you manage to find unique clothes in absolutely unexpected places like boy,s section :)
Great blog!

Anthea Lau said...

i'm totally loving both jacket/sweater you are wearing there, very lovely outfits!
would you like to follow each other?

Constance said...

love your style!!!

Jamie Rose said...

I just love this. You always manage to look so effortlessly cool! The scrunched socks are perfect with your leopard print tights and that cardigan looks super comfortable. I always enjoy seeing bloggers style t-shirts too, so this is particularly awesome. said...

I love this outfit so much! It looks so classy and comfortable and cute and I adore the Star Wars shirt.