Friday, April 12, 2013

winter rain

So, remember not all that long ago when I was crying my little eyes out over not having any snow? Yeah? Okay, well, it can go now. Just a few days ago, I was walking down the street, thinking to myself how lovely it was to have the sidewalks clean of ice and snow, and only a few snow banks here and there. And now, snow everywhere. It's been snowing for a few days now and doesn't seem to be stopping anytime soon. Rats!
But, since I had a couple hours free today, I decided to go outside for some photos. This is actually the outfit that I wore for Easter (when it was warm and sunny out), but I liked it well enough to make a point of blogging it. It's been eons since a good old outfit post, hasn't it been?
I didn't know what to wear for Easter because I have worn every dress and skirt I own to church at least three or four times each. Admittedly, I wore this skirt for Easter a couple of years ago but oh well - who would even remember that? It's not like God smote me upon entering church in an already-Easter-worn skirt. I bought this a few years ago at Go Vintage as a sale piece, intending to hem it. Then I got lazy and decided that a midi skirt wasn't so bad after all. Even though I am only 5 foot tall.
Since I'm not much for pretty flowers and shit, I decided to wear this tee shirt courtesy of GUESS. I thought the grunge-y skull would juxtapose nicely, plus the shirt is super soft and silky, so it hangs beautifully. When my boyfriend and I walked in, my mum looked at him and said, "Oh my! Don't you look nice!" and then she looked at me and didn't say anything. When I provoked her into commenting, all she could say was, "Well you're going to church wearing a skull on your tee shirt." I don't think God is afraid of a few skulls and bones, mum, but whatever. I didn't change.
Why have skulls gotten such bad rap anyways? We're all made of bones and we're all gonna die and be nothing but bones. It's nature. Wearing a shirt with a skull on it is barely different than wearing a shirt with a tree on it. Plus, the skull on my tee shirt is composed of little flowers and leaves, so it is especially beautiful. I think it says something nice about the circle of life. (I doubt that GUESS expected little girls to be reading so much into their shirts.)
And here's a nice shot of me testing the focus, holding my camera bag moodily.
I'm sorry about the recent delay in blogging. School has been non stop hectic, but I think I'm finally catching a bit of a break. I have most of my senior paper written, and I chose the topic of my other major term paper. Everything is starting to slow down and I've actually been able to stop and breathe for a bit. I called out of work today because I wasn't quite feeling myself. Time to snuggle down and watch Cary Grant movies!
Thanks to all who've stuck with me the past few months. I appreciate the kind words which I have received...2013 has been rough on me so far, especially with losing Moses, and it's been tough to keep moving, much less write a blog. I think that summer (and studying in Paris for a month) will rejuvenate me some, and I'll be back to blogging consistently. But for now, I just wanted to say thank you - to everyone.
Also, stop by the blog's Facebook page to see an outtake from today's shoot. xx


Jamie Rose said...

I love the juxtaposition between the skull shirt and girly floral skirt. This outfit has such a cool mix of edgy and girly.

Meli said...

I love the floral skirt! I've done the same thing, bought things with the intention of hemming them, then later decided that they were perfect just as they were.

Caetera said...

Flowers and skull : perfect match !


Milex said...

You represent everything I like

Jayde Paris said...

Hey beaut - you look so elegant yet stylish, I love your style! I could never wear anything like that as I'm so short it would probably drown me, especially the skirt.

You look fab!
Lots of love ✿