Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye 2009!

As 2009 winds down (okay, I began this post last night) I've been reflecting on the past year. And I'll share these reflections with you, because why else would I even bring this up? Since my memory is really bad we'll start in late May/early June.

In 2009 I...

** Confirmed my faith / got a new dress in the proccess.

** Was accepted into National Honours Society (good thing for my transcript!)

** Bought my first pair of Cheap Monday jeans. They've changed my life (for the better).

** Was featured in Canada's "Snap!" magazine (I never blogged about this...I forgot. Bad blogger.)

** Cut my hair super super short (never again, but the experience was good)

** Suffered a strange illness, similar to swine flu

** Turned 16

** Discovered my family. Or at least, my father's side of it. Most of my family died before I was born or while I was very young. In July when I found all these photo albums and yearbooks of them, it was life changing and made me realize how important family is.

** Hosted a rather goofy French exchange student named Alexandre. I sort of miss this kid. I wonder what sort of shenanigans he's gotten into since he left...

** Had my wisdom teeth removed/got hooked on Vicodin.

** Fell madly in love with a fellow named Fred Astaire. I'm still in love with him, but unfortunately I was born a century too late.

** Began posting my first full length novel in a blog titled Soren

** Rode my bike everywhere.

** Began participating in Seven Day Art Collective with several other lovely & talented artists.

** Began university with 3 of my best friends.

** Also began karate. Bad idea, lots of early mornings, bare feet, and unflattering gis.

** Watched It and discovered the true brilliance of Clara Bow. (Expect a post on her soon)

** Went to my cousin's wedding. No, I had never been to a wedding before. I was able to get a new dress & a new pair of shoes.

** Had my foray into film photography. Very expensive, also very time consuming. Impressed older gentlemen with my 35mm camera.

** Also had realization that most artists/photographers are stuck up and unfriendly.

** Went to three Owl City and two Nevershoutnever concerts, as well as a smattering of other artists.

** Took the bus everywhere.

** Ate a lot a lot of bagels from Einstein's Bagels. Employees have learnt my name and my order. Success? Yes.

** Was named Teen Vogue's Girl of the Week

** Celebrated Halloween and had a good time doing it, for the first time in 6 years.

** Developed a mysterious swine-flu-like illness / got rehooked on Vicodin.

** Fell in love with Gene Kelly.

** Loved the snow even though it was a bitch.

** Watched Home Alone three times in one Holiday season. Also decided that if my future son doesn't look like Opie Taylor, then Macaulay Culkin would be pretty good too.

** Built an igloo AND went ice skating. Had a pretty good time doing it and wasn't even bothered by the Minnesota cold.

** Didn't celebrate the New Year alone with Anderson Cooper and a cat named Chuck, but instead with my friend.

** Watched a couple hundred movies throughout the year, ranging from silents to foreigns, the brat pack to the rat pack.

If I've forgotten anything, I'll come back and post. Expect another update sometime next week...I went vintage shopping yesterday & got some cool new things (: I hope that everyone had a pretty great 2009 and even if you didn't, you at least tried to look on the positive side like I've done. I also hope that 2010 and the new decade can start with new excitement, new hope, and perhaps a clean slate for everyone.


Hope-Fashion Narcotics said...

Omg seeing owl city in february. Sound slike a really cool year, and the camera stuff was super cool. Your exchange student photogrpahs well, I remeber the lake photo you posted a long time ago.
New blog (its fashiontape here) again, as , as usual I was dissatisfied with what oit was doing. Have lots of vodka and good fun before school,

catarina said...

It was a nice year! 8)

I really enjoy your blog, and your photos *.* You know, my hair is like yours, but I'm kinda tired of it u.u

Happy New Year, btw!


Sapphire said...

home alonneee <3

Josephine Ceedee said...

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Sara Lynn said...

lovely post! you have had a lot of accomplishments this past year, and I envy your courage to chop the hair! lol my bf wants me to do the same to mine. :)

Varpu said...

Oh you look amazing with the short hair!! Well, I might be a bit biased though :)

emma wallace said...

Sounds like a wonderful year! But you'll have to fight me off if you want Gene Kelly!

Siler Duck said...

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indigotangerine said...

Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire. I approve. You've definetly had a productive year!

raine said...

I don't want to sound ~cliche, but I think we are a lot alike. For instance:
I chopped all my hair off too. One inch long. Bad choice, good experience.
I started university/high school with my best friend.
Rode my bike everywhere.
Rediscovered my love for film photography, I have a vivitar, nikon n60, kalimar something, and minolta srt-101, what do you have?

The end.