Friday, December 11, 2009

winter inspiration

The Twin Cities (Minnesota) got its first legit winter snowfall this past Wednesday. It's a little late in the season for a first snow, but I'm not complaining as we got 5+ inches of lush winter wonderland. It also made my life hell, a hell which included my foot going into the sewer, the wind blowing me over into a snowbank, and a 2 hour commute home. But, I'm still happy. I've decided that as a mark of this first snowfall, it was time to whip out my winter inspirations, which include fur (faux, please!), arm warmers, tights, blazers, and bouncy skirts. Let's take a look...

Fur hats are good, especially if they're going to be on Guntars' head.

This looks so cozy. It's like a belted blanket. I love this. I love Cheap Monday. I love plaid and flannel. That is all.

What about this would I not like? Wide legged pants, suspenders, fuzzy hat, pompoms! And the angelic Philippa Bywater, to go with it all.

Guntars overload yet? Not possible. The layers and colours here are perfect! Red plaid, navy cable knit, grey blazer, grey armwarmers, fur collar. Perfection.

Skiing anyone? The one time I went I ended up half way down the hill stuck in the splits. However, if I had a down blazer, I might give it another go. Or maybe just if Cole went with me.

Valentino is king. So classy. The big collar is amazing, and who wouldn't want to walk into a New Year's party all glitzy and glam in either of these outfits?

I cannot remember this blogger's name (if you know, tell me!) but she's pretty much amazing. White tights! Those are a must for winter.

Cheetah print has been totally growing on me. Sorry to say.

Belted blazer with fur collar. Ahhh!!!! Honestly, I was unimpressed by this Teen Vogue editorial but this blazer is a thing of beauty.

I'd say that coat is pretty fantastic.

I dunno what that shirt thing is, but it's fantastic. Applause for Ruffian.

Russian approved. Tibi fall 09.

Hello pants. And red trimmed coat.

Turtlenecks. I love them. However, boobs can really ruin a good turtleneck.

This reminds me of a newspaper delivery boy. So cute, I'd wear this in a heartbeat (and probably everyday). Lovely lovely Luella.

The gloves!! (RIP Daul Kim)

Peter Pan collar (:
I wonder what a fur-Peter-Pan collar would look like....?

Those pants look fantastic! And I love the polka dots on the jacket collar, so funky but understated.

Boy by Band of Outsiders. I could live on this brand...

Case in point (or photo).

I love the tulle collar. And the tiny dotted tights!

White blazer. I need one. Time to head over to H&M, aka blazer heaven.

The bow belt is so lovely! I love the colours here and also the horizontal and vertical stripes mixed together. Lovely, Erin Fetherston.

Best two of the collection for last? I think so. The red satin-y fabric is amazing! It's so holiday-ish. It reminds me of The Nutcracker.


It's not like you would remember anyway. said...

Thank you for my daily dose of fashion. I needed that :)

jayne said...

cheetah print took awhile for me to like too haha

sammi-lise ^_^ said...

that erin fetherston collection is one of my favorites!

and yes, white tights are a must have for winter :)

Cassidy said...

erin fetherston is amazing ! i adore the red satin as well .
a very inspiring post , i need to stock up on my winter clothes !!!

'Lee said...

love it, great inspiration!

Theory of a fashion victim

Catastrophic Sprinkles said...

I've had some white tights for a loooooong time, maybe 3 years, and I have had no idea what to do with them. But then, along comes your blog and BLAM! Thank you=] The coat Karlie Kloss is wearing is amazing, and I love those last red satin pieces. Nutcracker is my favorite, I used to dance around to it when I was little.

Sushi said...

That's froufrouu! I love her style so much. Going to do a post on her soon :) x Sushi