Thursday, January 13, 2011

molly ringwald, I love you

When I woke up this morning, there were big, wet snowflakes swirling all over and it looked like a winter wonderland. I squealed with joy and texted my boyfriend to say that when he got out of class we must go play in the snow!! But he has a work meeting & it's stopped snowing now. Oh well, it was pretty while it lasted!
After lunch, I went out to take photos of my outfit for today. However, it was 11°F (which is something like -12°C) and so I only lasted about 15 minutes before my hands went so numb that I couldn't feel my fingers.

I recieved an American Apparel gift card from my sister for Christmas. I went to the shop in the Mall of America the other night after work and picked up a lace shirt, 3 bottles of nail polish, and these socks. They looked so warm & I wanted one of every colour, but I ended up just getting navy blue (they're so expensive!).
Everything in AA is super costly, and for the most part it's all stuff that one can sew pretty easily for only a few bucks. Also the girl working there...I guess she was nice & helpful, but she was super unfriendly! I don't understand why unfriendly people work in retail.

The dress is by a brand called Motel Rocks & I just got it in the mail today from one of my favourite online shops, Fred Flare. I also ordered a couple of books with the dress. I've had the overwhelming need to just read & consume knowledge lately. So I'm reading "What Would Audrey Do?" which my mum got me for my birthday last June (or maybe the June before that?). What has everybody been reading lately? Any recommendations?
Anyways, underneath the dress I put on a slip er...lingerie top so that there was some lace peaking out from underneath. I was channeling the '80s here, so I added the hat (which always makes me feel either like Molly Ringwald or Charlie Chaplin, depending) & my name necklace!

I think this is enough!! I've wrote so much for this outfit & don't want to bore everyone with my rambling. Till next time friends, stay warm!
p.s. Thanks to the readers who let me know about Pond's animal testing. I read more about it on their website & have decided to find a new rich moisturizer for the winter months!


Samantha said...

Those socks are awesome! I like the dress too, very cute.


Amanda, The Upside of Wonder said...

This outfit is perfect! I really love the hat and the dress is perfect. You are super brave for going out in the cold! I took photos today when it was 35 degrees and I felt like I was going to freeze to death!

P.S. I've probably told you this before, but I have such a crush on your hair!!

6roove said...

such a lovely outfit ;)
I remember Molly's some movies, she was so cute :))

sherryl said...

adgjlkasdlj you are so pretttyyyyyyyyyyyy ;__; your hair is like...sent from the hair gods.

that dress is so pretty! and i love molly ringwald and all those bratpack movies. i'm obsessed. :)

Isabella said...

I love this entire look! Great photos. The colors go fabulous together.

Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

Amazing. Navy blue is my favourite colour, so i'm a big fan of the socks.
AA girls are usually a bit rubbish. Go to lush for lovely people.
Read anything by danny wallace or sarra manning.
x hivennn. p.s enter my giveaway?

tess said...

I love the socks and lace details of this outfit

† BonesSharperThanDaggers said...

Oh god i love the cardigan :)!

robyn adams said...

hahah charlie chaplan! Good choice. Love the outfit, and I used to buy stuff from fredflare! Their website is so cool! Nice post! Here in Winnipeg it's way colder than 12C though! So be thankful hahaha :)

erica. said...

hey, lovely outfit :) the socks are such a good idea... I just might have to try that someday!

also, I think it's awesome that you're into old movies. I'm trying to get into them myself but I don't know which ones to watch!

carrie jade said...

ah, that outfit is so darling! i love the belt with it all. and your oxford heels. i've been looking for the perfect pair for forever :) oh gosh. 15 minutes? i can't even last A SECOND outside without feeling the chill right down to my bones-- especially without a jacket! you trooper, you. the lace peeking out was such a wonderful touch!

-marta said...

this is really adorable. I especially like the detailing and buttons on your cardigan, gold buttons are the best!


Ashlyn said...

I love the lace peeking out from the dress! Also, I don't know how you dress so cute when it is so cold. Even when it is barely in the thirties I find myself dreading finding something nice to wear instead of just jeans and a sweater! Fred Flare really is a great website, I just never find it in me to save money to shop online instead of in stores. Maybe I could add that to my list of New Year's Inspirations?

Dorien said...

super pretty outfit, love the over-the-knee socks! =)

Meg! said...

You are the cutest most adorable creature I've ever seen. I kind of want/need to cut my hair your length now so I can creepily be your hair twin on the internet. Hi. Just found your blog. Following. 'Cause you're just so cute!

Amber Rose, Laughing With Broken Eyes said...

You look so darling out in the snow. You're a trooper for sure! It isn't even snowing here and I'm too much of a baby to go venture out in it.

How is "What Would Audrey Do?" ? I saw it at Hastings the other day almost bought it.

Now time to jump on the bandwagon-- I have a crush on your hair AND your face!

Amber Randell said...

I think your whole look is just adorable. You look absolutely cute. I have to admit I am so jealous of all the snow you have surrounding you. I live in MS where it snowed for a day this month; today its about 50 degrees. Keep up the great work. I have a giveaway coming up on my blog so be sure to stop by. Also thanks for your kind comment.


Bad Taste Toast said...

I love the colour palette of this outfit, you look gorgeous! Everything's put together so well! And I agree on that AA is too expensive and that mostly unfriendly people work in retail (I know it, I worked in retail for one year lol).

I've been reading "Teacher Man" by Frank Mc Court lately, it's the last of his three autobiographic books about his miserable childhood in Ireland and how he emigrated to New York later. The first two are "Angela's Ashes" and "'Tis - A Memoir".
Highly recommended (he even won the Pulitzer Prize for the first book)!

Have a wonderful snowy day! :)

Poppy said...

These photos are lovely, the socks look great.

PinkNailsInParis said...


Katie Beth said...

I love this outfit!
I love browsing Fred Flare as well, but I'm usually too cheap to buy anything except for accessories there.
You look adorable! (: