Tuesday, October 9, 2012

art school prep

Today has been an adventure - a series of rather strange and amusing happenings. And for it, I wore these rather strange and amusing leggings. When I walked into my public speaking class, all 3 of the kids who I sit with sprang into instantaneous praising of my legwear. I was spectacularly overwhelmed by the frenzy of, "Gustav Klimt is my favourite artist!" "You and your crazy pants!" and all the other collective chatter. The fact that all 3 of them glommed onto that I was wearing The Kiss on my legs shows how truly cool these kids are - the coolest in the class. One of them was the same who was struck by my maroon & gold sequin hot pants. I always like when my "personal style" elicits a response from people...one other than, "Why're you wearing shorts in winter - you crazy!" or "Heeeeyyy baby, that's a fine pair of legs you got there, wanna come over to my house?" or whatever else people yell at me in the street.
I think I already gave hint to this a while ago (for those who read my blog regularly - for all else, welcome!), but I got these leggings off of Romwe after a long inner debate about the ethics of "fast fashion." I already have loads of ideas on how to wear them...including to yoga! I wore them last week and got a handful of compliments which I feel weird taking because all I did was buy them. I never know how to take compliments on individual pieces of my wardrobe, especially pieces that I didn't make.
So, speaking of the boy in my class who's complimented me on various bottoms, I realise that I mention a lot of people on my blog and then I'll often see these people again, and never bother to mention them. Since I ran into two of them today, I will share those mildly amusing stories with you:
1. A few weeks ago I had an awkward run in with a hipster bus driver on the 74, which I briefly mentioned in this post. I was sort of hurrying to catch the 16 bus today and jumped aboard. I paid my fare and then looked at the bus driver to say hi...but I didn't get that far because it was the creepy hipster 'stache smiling driver! I was stunned. He probably noticed my eyes widen and my lips gently part into an "O" at the very sight of him and his creepy 'stache. In fact, I'm positive that he noticed considering that he didn't give me his 'stache smile this time, but rather a look of deep concern.
2. At the beginning of the summer I mentioned creepy Rear Window-esque boy down the alley who I often cross paths with (but only in the alley). Several weeks ago when my friend Carrie & I were doing tie dye and being general dorks in my driveway, he walked by and shot us his usual murderous stare (to which Carrie whispers to me, "Is that the weird kid down the alley?"). I've seen him a couple of times since then. Today, while I was taking these photos, pouting for the camera and ruffling my hair, he walked by. I was caught completely off guard and left to look like a narcassistic idiot. I swear, a lot of my neighbours see me putzing around in the alley with my camera and not a single person has bothered to ask me what I'm up to! I bet they all think I'm nuts. (Are they really that far off?)
It's really cold out lately and jackets are a must.
Anyways, I've talked all of your ears off now and must get going. I have so much to do!


Anonymous said...

I love run-ins with people like that. I have had some interesting experiences with bus drivers on the 16! And had a similar experience with a creeper boy in college who wrote me an anonymous death threat after I refused to date him. Whatever. Love your Klimt pants...have to admit my response was something like a squealed "ooooh Klimt is one of my favourite artists!)

<3 Cambria

Elena said...

Wow!!! These leggings are awesome-real piece of art!!! I would invite you to my house too:))

Rose-et-Violet said...

It is definitely an uncomfortable situation getting caught taking blog pictures. I take some on my college campus and the stares I get there are priceless. Oh the things we do...
Love, love, LOVE those leggings...even though all you did was buy them. I think the reason behind the compliments on individual pieces are that they suggest you have good taste...which is always good to hear!


Milex said...

soooo stylish, lovelovelove it!!

livlovelaugh said...

i love your leggings! I LOVE that painting....

you are so pretty~


Nora said...

oh, LOOK at that - now you're wearing Austrian art on your legs! (i'm the creepy person who tried to convince you to move to Vienna on your last post :P)

you look great once again, and I love your little anecdotes .. bus driver seem to be a scary species in general o.O

xx Nora


Evan said...

I too am a huge fan of those tights, but I love you way you complimented them with the shoes and striped tee. It frames them so well!

I get shy when my neighbors see me taking pictures of my outfits. I always run to my camera and pretend I'm taking a real intense photo of the grass.

Love, Evan