Wednesday, October 3, 2012

lost in my mind

I've been spending pretty much all of my time day dreaming as of recent. Day dreaming, and planning for the future. I'm falling in love with strangers on the bus simply because I'm starved for some romance and companionship in my life. I'm planning for study abroad and my upcoming semesters because I'm absolutely sick of school and of campus. Autumn has brought some beautiful things into my life. I love this time of year. I'm the type of person who goes out of their way to step on the fallen leaves - the sound underfoot is so pleasing - and who enjoys bundling up every morning and embracing the chilly wind. It wakes me up.
I wore this rather collegiate outfit today. I saw a boy wearing this same jacket the other day - alright, he was sitting right next to me in the library - so I was inspired to wear it myself. The deep red is so beautiful for autumn (or any season, really, 'cause who doesn't love red?). The faux leather shorts add some bad-ass-ness to this outfit (see what I did there? I made up a word.) and the socks and shoes gave it a '50s private school feel. I woke up at 5:30am this morning because I had a meeting with my college advisor, so I pretty much just got dressed in the dark and damp. I think I pulled out alright.
Speaking of college advisors - I'm extra chipper because I've decided on some major things! First, I'm almost 100% certain that I'm going to drop my fashion studies minor. Why do I even need it? Why do I need something on my transcript that says that I know about fashion? That's dumb.
I also found out that if I pull 13 credits a semester, I will be able to graduate Spring 2014. Easy, peasy! 13 credits? That's nothing at all! I'm doing 19 this semester! Okay, I officially sound bratty, time to stop.
Finally, I think (keyword: think) that I have my study abroad options narrowed down: Rome or Copenhagen? I'm going to meet with financial aid about it, but I'm almost sure it'll be one of those two for Fall 2013. Does anyone have any input? I see pro & con lists in my near future....
I feel all gloaty with all of my bragging and hope for my future. I suppose it's better than my usual mopey-ness and cryptic commentary on society, eh? The autumn weather and hope of romance has been putting me in a great mood! Anyways, the presidential debates are happening tonight. In only a matter of minutes, I expect to be sitting on the couch, Joe Biden mug in hand, cheering on Barack Obama and getting pissed off about everything that comes out of Mitt Romney's mouth. Cheers!


Milex said...

I am so in love with you!

Julia Topaz said...

I don't know about studying in Rome or Copenhagen (both would be rad!), but I studied abroad in France in 2009 through a program called ISEP, which was AWESOME, because the way it works- it costs the same as a semester at your home university (plus air fare), which is extremely doable as far as study abroad goes. It was a really excellent program.

Evan said...

You are so right about that jacket being the perfect red! Your leather shorts are to die for and go perfect with that outfit.
I can't wait until I get to study abroad! I don't know much about either Rome or Copenhagen, but because I'm obsessed with how green Denmark is, I'd definitely choose Copenhagen.
Love, Evan

Maria E. said...

Hey, you asked, so... Well, I'm a 21 year old brazilian and I'm married to a danish guy. I've been visiting Copenhagen (and other places in Denmark) since 2010 and I really, REALLY fell in love with the city. The atmosphere is interesting. All the design, the wooden everything, the way they live... Well, pretty interesting. You should research about Christiania, the greatest place I've ever visited (SO RAD, never saw anything like it). It's very hippie and political - perfect.

But I should say something: I lived some years in London, I'm moving back there this year aaaaand... As a regular reader here, I think you would love London. I mean, head over heels. To be honest, it is my favorite place in Europe - Copenhagen right next to it. Best of luck to you. Hope you make a good choice. (:

Taylor said...

Looove this outfit, I need to get a coat like that for myself! Rome is absolutely wonderful, but I've never been to Copenhagen. I'm hoping to study abroad in the next year or so myself.

Meg! said...

1. Your outfit is spot ON. Those shorts are perfect with the jacket.

2. Go to Rome, go to Rome! It's an incredible city, and if you go I'll be able to live vicariously through you. Plus, SO MUCH GELATO.

Anonymous said...

SUPER excited to hear about your graduation, and that your semester will be so blissfully light :) I'd say my vote is Copenhagen (less cliched)...but then Rome is sure incredible (I know, cliched). Love your cute school girl/boy, tough chic thing...and those braids :)

<3 Cambria

Anonymous said...