Thursday, October 11, 2012

The world was in her eyes and everything was calm

It's so weird to think of how my style has changed over the years. This whole blog has been some freaky experiment of self-discovery. The 15 year old who started this blog back in 2008 with the simple goal of "try wearing new things, like v-neck t-shirts" has grown into something so much more. V-necks are an after-thought now...who cares about the neckline of my shirt? Are v-necks really that revolutionary? To the shy high school sophomore, I guess they were.
If, when I was 15, I were to look at girls wearing clothes like I wear today, I probably would've died with jealousy that they even had the guts to wear such things. I mean, shorts were completely out of the question. As were crop tops, sheer tights, or baggy jeans. When I was really young, I fearlessly wore whatever I wanted - green overalls, head-to-toe tie dye...heck, I wore velvet bell-bottoms when I was in elementary school (yet for some reason I wasn't the most popular kid in class) and I even had my first pair of Doc Martens when I was 3 or 4 (lady bug print). When I hit middle school & high school, I lost all my confidence and suddenly everything I did and said and wore mattered. I put myself down constantly and was too shy to be myself. I'm glad I'm past that. I'm glad that I am free to be myself once again. And really, I still apply the same philosophy when it comes to getting dressed as when I was in elementary school - to have fun!
I've been watching too many '90s movies and television. I want to constantly be wearing kick ass boots, velvet, florals, and flannel. And of course, high waisted everything! It feels like style was truly a form of self-expression back in the '90s. I suppose even further back than that, really, but these days what most of my peers are wearing tends to be so...dull. I can't imagine that the large majority of my peer group is really that dull on the inside, but they present it as such on the outside.
Despite the fact that I am horribly outspoken, I still feel like I should present my personality through my clothes. I have the terrible habit of saying anything that's on my mind, even if it may be deemed as slightly inapropriate for the setting. I'm fearless about saying such things, because I am so confident in myself and in my opinions. This isn't always such a bad thing, is it? Our society tends to silence women, I find it refreshing when women still have the guts to say what they wish. Now if only everyone would start wearing what they wish!
Today, I am wearing my MinkPink floral shorts, a velvet shirt from the thrift shop, a suede vest from Tunnel Vision, my "letterman" jacket from UO, and my favourite pair of kick ass boots. It was perfect for the autumnal weather and I'm so excited to finally get to wear this vest! When I saw it on the Tunnel Vision website (in the sale section, squee!) I snatched it up quick. I'm also wearing a necklace that my best friend gifted to me when I graduated. It's beautiful. I love wearing jewelry that reminds me of people I love.
Remember those 3 midterms I took last week? Well, I got results back - A, A, B+! This semester is already starting out so well! Only 8 weeks left, I need to stick this out. I am so motivated to do well academically once again. I started university when I was 16. I felt so far ahead of my peers, I felt like I had all the motivation in the world. That's all vanished and I'm working hard on getting it back and to get out there and see the world. Stay tuned!
Okay well this has turned out to be a less-than-amusing blog post. I just cannot be amusing tonight, I'm extremely nervous over the vice presidential debate! The presidential one last week went so badly, I'd just like to forget that it ever even happened. Knock 'em dead, Joe Biden! I'm rooting for you! xx


Milex said...

I am totally in love!

Meli said...

I couldn't watch the debate this week because of midterms; I listened to paul ryan talk about abortion and the persecution of the catholic church for five minutes and had to leave the room.. but I've heard it went really well!

Priya said...

Chloe, I think it's fantastic that you can look bag on your blog since you were 15! What a fun way to watch your style change. I find your outfits fascinating because it always looks like you where exactly what you want, in whatever combination, just because you like it. I've tried to be better at that, but I'm not quite as fearless as you! In other news, sounds like you're killing it in school, that's always encouraging! Keep it up! And have a great weekend!

p.s. I totally had velvet bellbottoms in elementary school too! Midnight blue!

perfectly priya

Lindsey Louise Bales said...

oh lady, you have the most wonderful boots ever! i have been looking for some like that, in brown, for fall! lovely post.

lindsey louise

Harlow Darling said...

Holyfuck your tattoo is AMAZING. Really love the whole outfit though, that letterman jacket looks great with those boots!

Anonymous said...

This is a fantastic DOES feel like a form of self-expression...and all those layers, textures, patterns just make for a really interesting and unique outfit. I totally agree about style "these days" seems so much more cramped and like everybody is wearing the same thing. Even among bloggers that I used to love and admire for their originality--that "original" style is now what EVERY "popular" blogger is wearing. Part of the reason I like always have something unique to share :)