Wednesday, October 31, 2012

funny face

I had a mixture of emotions while I was taking these photos yesterday (actually, I am just plagued with a mixture of emotions all of the time because I am a teenage girl, but that isn't the point) because:
1) I had just given a speech on rape culture which left me feeling a. relieved because it was over and I got an A and b. filled with feminist rage because the speech didn't give me ample time to really press the details
2) I had a HUGE test today which I was completely unprepared for (yesterday) and spent all my time studying the chapters that were barely even on the test (but when I was taking these photos, I didn't know that yet....I just knew that I hadn't started studying & was already feeling mega unprepared)
3) I was filled with fear that creepy Rear Window boy would come down the alley (who I didn't end up seeing, by the way)
4) It was a little chilly without my coat on, and I just wanted to get these photos over with
So now that you know the background of my emotions (just be glad I don't start every post off with this), you will understand why, in some of these photos, I look quite silly and in others I look quite serious or maybe even sad (though jury is still out on whether or not my face naturally falls that way).
p.s. (Aren't I a huge fan of using parenthese?)
And time for some serious talk. Except not, because I'm just talking about getting dressed. Anyways, I'm back to rushing in the morning and just throwing on whatever seems clean and weather-appropriate. In yesterday's case, I needed to look "professional" for my speech, so pants it was. My old lady pants, to be accurate. Or my "lounge pants" if you're my mum. From there I channeled a bit of menswear and wore my favourite bengal striped button down, a cozy sweater (with infuriating 3/4 inch sleeves), and my navy blue blazer to make me look like I know what I'm doing. As a result of all these layers, it hurt to bend my elbows or raise my arms. I could barely even hoist my backpack over my shoulder. Ah, the things we do for "fashion."
I think the end result was a little bit reminiscent of The Little Tramp. Completely accidental.
I'm starting to wonder how much longer I'll be able to keep this up. I'm pretty sure that the outfit posts always slow down over the late-autumn/winter/early-spring season because Minnesota simply was not made for personal style bloggers. I'm going to try to retreat to the porch, but a) that's still freezing cold and b) we lose light around 3pm in the winter. I took these around 3:45 yesterday, and that was golden hour. I feel like a bit of a slacker because October has featured the least number of posts (10) since May (8), due to the fact that it's been extra cloudy and rainy lately. Unfortunately, this means I'll have to write about filler stuff (e.g. inspiration posts, book reviews, "interviews", soapboxing, etc) during the coming months. What a drag! 
Speaking of drags, school sucks. So do boys. I just wanted to throw those two things out there. Oh wait, so does Mitt Romney! Okay, I'm done.
Since I started this out with a "silly" face, I'll end it with one, too. Though this isn't really very silly, considering that I make this face all the time. I was practicing my speech in the mirror the other night and was appalled by how ridiculous my face looks when I speak. I seriously have the hugest gob in the world when I talk.
Anyways, I've said enough. Also, I apologise to everyone who's emailed me or Facebook-ed me without a reply! I'm busy beyond hope and wish I could write everyone a novel with thanks and sweet words, but unfortunately I have to save that for my French literature classes and for the losers at work. I will get around to it soon, but please know that I read every kind word and sentiment and they fill my heart with gratitude xx


Jamie Rose said...

I love the silly faces and I love your "lounge pants". They really look great on you and all the layers in this outfit look so nice together.

Brooke @ You're in Brookelynn said...

Just as a heads up, I just started reading your blog and I love it! I'm in college too, so thats probably why I can relate to you so well, but I also loveee your style. Okay, done with the creepy rant. Just wanted to throw that out there :)

♥ Brooke

Milex said...

It is a yes from me.

Brigid said...

I just started following your blog and I love it, I love your pants <3

Meg! said...

How can you look so amazing in those pants. I would look like a grandma. You're so cool.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good speech topic, I'd like to hear yours...and hear all the extra bits you didn't get in! Love these pants even more every time you wear them.

<3 Cambria