Friday, October 5, 2012

Nineties Autumn

So, since I've officially declared the "actual" name of the blog to be Minnesota Weather and Occasional Personal Style Blog I will start off with commentary on the weather: On Wednesday, it was 82°F - sunny t-shirt weather! On Thursday (when these photos were taken) and today, it was 36°F and we're-not-in-Kansas-anymore windy. It's amazing how it can go from t-shirt weather to multiple layers, coat, and scarf weather in a single day.
I think my face in some of these photos represents my feelings about the weather. I look extremely concerned and sad in some of them, simply because I was terrified that a giant gust would knock over my tripod and break my precious camera. On several occasions I ran over to the tripod and grabbed it, crying out to the wind, "Why God, why?! I just want to get my blog photos over with!" (Okay, well the first part was true.)
This outfit was originally inspired by Sally Albright from When Harry Met Sally. I'm addicted to all of her outfits in that movie. There're definitely high-waisted jeans (reference: here) and red sweaters (reference: here) in that movie. I had meant to wear my bowler hat (reference: here), but due to the wind I decided not to risk it. Oh well, I still felt like some super cool early-nineties rom-com movie star anyways! The crisp fallen leaves helped too - I love that When Harry Met Sally takes place almost entirely in the autumn and winter. It's so romantic!
(Also, wasn't it cool how I cited all of my sources? College is really paying off!)
Despite referencing When Harry Met Sally and crediting it as the central inspiration for this entire outfit, I am about to settle in with some hot chocolate and biscuits to watch Home Alone. I had an incredibley bad day at work and an equally rough week at school (three midterms!) so I deserve a nice break.
Oh, I also wanted to say thanks to everyone who wrote to me about study abroad! It was so interesting to read all of the input. I'd still love to hear about everyone's own experiences (go ahead, write me a novel in the comments section, seriously). I'm almost sure that I've chosen Copenhagen. I stumbled upon this website and fell in love, particularly when I searched for Christmas in Copenhagen - how beautiful!
Anyways, since you've sat through me rambling about a number of boring topics, you are now rewarded with a photo of everyone's favourite blog pooch, Moses! I also posted the utmost adorable photo of him to the blog's Facebook page yesterday. It is a must see!


Anonymous said...

Aww so you'll be studying in Copenhagen? That's great, I bet it's a beautiful city! Unfortunately the only thing I've ever seen of Copenhagen was the airport, haha.
In case you don't know her yet, you might wanna check out one of my favourite bloggers Yin of She lives in Copenhagen, maybe you could ask her what places to visit or even ask her to show you around or something. :)

Greeting from Germany~ ♥
- Julia

Milex said...

wow love it, like from good movie :)

irene wibowo said...

nice.. :)
Irene Wibowo

Nora said...

seriously. it's way less expensive than Copenhagen, and the amount of cultural input here is simply off the hook! it actually was voted number one in last year's "Quality of Living Survey" and I can only agree, I proper LOVE living here :)
Also, John Irving spent his year abroad here. JOHN. IRVING.

Anyway, I love your outfit :) My mom forced me to watch 'Harry & Sally' about five hundred times throughout my life. Except she didn't force me, because I love that movie :)

xx Nora

Coco said...

Hi from the UK! I just came across your blog and I have to say that you've got great style. It's really refreshing, and I love the nineties inspiration! It takes me back!! :)
I'll be visiting more often. I'm not a fashion blogger but I do appreciate a good fashion blog. :)

Coco x

Priya said...

Chloe, it's always nice to get caught up on what's been going on in your life! Your blog is always the coziest and dreamiest. Sorry to hear that school has been such a drag, it always gets that way, doesn't it? Once you're over the hump of midterms hopefully it will get a LOT better.

I haven't been lucky enough to study abroad, but many of my friends have (one of my best friends is in Vienna right now!) and everyone has said it was the most amazing experience. Copenhagen sounds delightful, I've only stopped through the airport there before. I would say if you can swing it, absolutely go for it! And be sure and blog about it!

This sweater looks SO fall cozy, and definitely 90's with the jeans! I'm often inspired by your ability to wear denim shorts in all weather, I need to get myself (or make myself) some?

Hope your week is off to a great start Chloe! Being romantic and emotional is not so bad, it makes life that much more interesting (if only to yourself!)

perfectly priya

zenobie said...

late 80s / 90s rom coms are fountains of style inspiration aren't they?! I very much like the high waisted jeans

Helena Dorothy said...

WOW!!! Hey. I hovut Helena. You are very cute and I love your outfit. I started to follow your blog, can you check my?

K. Cruz said...

I wish I could study abroad, it seems extremely amazing - looks like you picked the perfect place to go! By the way you look so pretty, I'm loving the outfit. I'm definitely going to watch When Harry Met Sally now since I've never seen it.